Luna 1878

Beat the winter chills and head to Queen Victoria Market for Luna 1878.

This is the annual winter market where visitors can treat themselves to exciting street food, browse works of the craftiest artisans and enjoy live performances.
The interesting name is a combination of “luna” the Latin name for the moon and the number “1878” was the year Queen Victoria Market officially opened (March 20, 1878 to be precise). The two components have merged together history with the embodiment of the darkness.

Cocooned within the historic sheds of Queen Victoria Market, the night market features street food offerings from around the world. From Hungarian street food to Nepalese stews, Brazilian sausages to Eastern European traditional foods like borsht and pierogi (dumplings), Vietnamese banh bao to winter soups in a bread bowl – there are over 20 food vendors to cater to everyone’s taste buds. With heaters to gather around, the market offers a perfect setting for city workers to unwind after work.

Sipping the warm mulled wine, one can’t help but be entranced with roving performers and cabaret-style entertainment. The hula-hoop performer got the children excited urging them to join her and try their hand at twisting the hoop. Local artisan stores with their unique and creative products are sure to impress. Grain filled heat pads with aromatic scents, sustainable products created using bicycle chain cufflinks by Ian and Em, Nicole Pasmanik’s visual prints, jewellery designed using recyclable products, soy candles and so much more vie for attention as you stroll through the lanes.

Queen Victoria Market
513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

9320 5822
Every Wednesday in August, 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm

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