Lane closure plan

The City of Melbourne is working on a plan to improve pedestrian safety at the top end of Exhibition St where left turning traffic takes a ‘short cut’ into Victoria St.

Acting on previous complaints from residents, council road safety engineer Linden Kruss revealed a draft plan to the EastEnders residents group on May 19.

Mr Kruss explained that council needed to consult with affected businesses and property owners but, if acceptable, the plan would block the “slip lane” to through traffic.

Residents had complained that traffic, and particularly taxis, sped through the narrow roadway endangering pedestrians.

Mr Kruss explained that nine years ago council reduced the width of the “slip lane” from 26 metres to six metres as a traffic-calming measure.

He said the lane was left open so buses could service the Mantra on the Park hotel.

Under the proposed traffic engineering plan, the lane would be blocked at the LaTrobe St end and space for buses would be provided on Exhibition St.  This  would result in a short walk for hotel guests arriving by bus.

Mr Kruss said taxis could still service the hotel, but they would have to enter from the Victoria St end.

Mr Kruss said that, if the plan was acceptable, he would seeking funding to undertake the works in the 2016/17 financial year.

The EastEnders residents group meets monthly for a coffee morning and often has presentations from council officers.

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