Land tax slug

City of Melbourne property owners pay more to the State Government in land tax than they pay in council rates.

In 2013-14, City of Melbourne research shows that locals paid $215 million in land tax, contributing 13 per cent of the total statewide figure of $1.6 billion.

The council’s rate incomes was $213 million, equating to some 5 per cent of the statewide rate figure.

And, in the same financial year, City of Melbourne property owners paid 100 per cent of the $83.9 million that the state collected in congestion taxes.

A report to the April 21 Future Melbourne Committee revealed that over the last 10 years, City of Melbourne rate collections have increased by 81 per cent whereas the statewide land tax grab grew by 124 per cent and congestion levy collections increased 541 per cent during the same period.

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