Italian for kisses

On a cold winter’s morning, CBD resident Roger Hersey is taking his two dogs Baci and Enzo on a walk through Flagstaff Gardens.

Baci is Italian for “kisses”, he is the eldest of the two at 15 years, his younger brother Enzo is 13. 

The two brothers are similar in size and share a similar coat, the thick, tight curls you would expect on a poodle that gets wavy around the ears. Baci is grey and Enzo is black.

Rodger is a teacher and has lived in the area for a while now. He said he usually walked the dogs at least three times a day, sometimes more. 

Their special trick is eating on command, which Roger said was just about the only trick they had.

“They are very depressing to own because they are usually smarter than their owners. It is very annoying,” Roger said. 

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