Good news and not-so-bad news

The good news is that we have decided to double our circulation to 20,000 copies starting with our first edition.

This is because we have taken a decision to pay Australia Post to distribute the newspaper to every letterbox within the CBD.

So, with 13,720 copies going to every residence and business in postcode 3000, there’s so many more reasons to advertise in CBD News.  The remaining 6280 will go to cafes, restaurants and distribution baskets in commercial building foyers and supermarkets.

The not-so-bad news is that you will have to wait another fortnight for our first edition.  This is to synchronise with Australia Post delivery.

While this August edition (remember we are monthly) will be on the streets from July 23, it will be progressively delivered by Australia Post during that week.

The ratecard (CBD_News_Mediakit) has been updated to reflect the new schedule but our pricing remains the same.

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