Friendship ambassador in Flagstaff Garden – the girl Gir

By Melissa Chung

Gir, an eight-year-old Malti-Pug from Footscray, has been spending a great deal of quality time with flatmate Zoe.

English-born Zoe has been living with Gir for more than a year.

Since Zoe is soon returning to England, she decided to quit her job and spend more time with Gir.

“We love to take her to the beach when it’s nice and warm. She loves to paddle in the sea even though she has little legs,” she said.

According to Zoe, Gir interacts better with humans than dogs – Gir is easily intimidated by over-excited dogs.

“People she’s really good with, but dogs, she’s just a bit scared of,” she said. “She really thinks she’s a human.”

With a special talent of sitting on her bum, Gir has brought happiness to her family and people around.

As described by Zoe, Gir is also a friend of two little cats. She always messes around in their litter tray, which Zoe finds really funny!

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