Forum Theatre revamped

The CBD’s historic Forum Theatre has been transformed into a highly functional venue with its original heritage preserved.

The entrance foyer carpet has been removed, revealing 200,000 mosaic tiles and polished marble stairs.

Three new bars have also been added to the theatre.

The new design also features hydraulic adjustable-height theatre flooring and a vehicle-accessible lift to cater for the variety of events.

The revamped Forum Theatre can accommodate 250-550 people for dinner, 400-1500 for cocktail events and up to 800 for presentations.

“Having lived and experienced the space for a long time, when it came to undertake the work we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve,” Jason Marriner, CEO and co-owner of Forum’s owner Marriner Group, said.

“Now complete, we’re thrilled with the outcome, and very pleased to offer the space to our patrons and guests as a first class, highly functional venue.”

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