Flinders Street Station turns red

Scaffolding is coming down from Flinders Street Station in time for Christmas and by mid-2018 its facade will be returned to its original red colours.

More than 5000 litres of paint and 3.5 tonnes of mortar have been used and 700 windows have been restored.

The station facade’s new colours are based on its look in 1910.

A $100-million state government restoration project provided urgent heritage works to preserve and revamp the old station in areas such as waterproofing, refurbishing toilets and improving station lighting.

Years’ of rubbish, including bird excrement, will be removed from the heritage clock tower and throughout the station.

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said the government was exploring commercial tenancy opportunities in the previously derelict internal spaces such as the old ballroom.

“The ideas are boundless and the opportunities are endless when you can see the spaces that are here. First we will get the basics done and then we can consider the next stage of Flinders Street Station about what these spaces can be used for,” she said.

“There are already a number of ideas that have been put forward and we will go through a formal process once we’ve completed the works,” Ms Allan said.

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