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CBD residents will soon be able to play tourist in their own neighbourhood by participating in walking tours of the city.

Residents 3000 and I’m Free Tours have partnered to offer the free tours to current and new members of the community group.

According to Residents 3000 president John Dall’Amico, the tours will offer CBD residents a chance to explore their city and get to know other locals.

“We decided to introduce tours for people who became Residents 3000 members, to provide an induction into living in the CBD,” Mr Dall’Amico said.

“Primarily, we thought it would be perfect for new residents moving into the CBD for the first time.”

While new residents of the CBD may seem the obvious target for the tours, Mr Dall’Amico said existing CBD residents would get something out of the tours too.

“It can be difficult to meet new people when living in the CBD,” he said.

“A walking tour seemed to be quite appropriate, residents can get out and about, get acquainted with their local community and meet other people living in their neighbourhood.”

The Residents 3000 tours will be run by I’m Free Tours, which already offers tip-based tours daily in the CBD.

According to I’m Free Tours’ Matt Phillips, the Residents 3000 tours will offer locals a way to connect with their city “on the ground”.

“When I’ve had locals on the tour they are blown away by the information they hear about Melbourne,” Mr Phillips said.

Mr Phillips said I’m Free Tours’ daily walking expeditions around the city covered plenty of Melbourne’s history including European settlement, aboriginal history, the gold rush, the “Marvellous Melbourne” era and more contemporary aspects of Melbourne’s culture.

“The tours we’ll hold for residents will be tailored to locals,” Mr Phillips said. “We’ll cover the best of Melbourne and provide some really pertinent information.”

Mr Phillips said the initiative would give his business a great opportunity to interact with locals and give back to the community.

“We have a lot of Melburnians on our tours, but they’re mainly from the outer suburbs,” Mr Phillips said. “We don’t get the chance to interact with CBD locals very often, so it will be a good opportunity to get feedback on the tours and the information we provide.”

Mr Dall’Amico and Mr Phillips said the Residents 3000 walking tours would be held regularly for CBD locals.

For more information about taking part in a walking tour of the city visit www.residents3000.com.au

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