We know that newspaper distribution is the key to success.  We are printing 20,000 copies and each of them goes to an interested reader (at least one!).

From January 2016, we have been building our own distribution network.  So far we are delivering 2971 directly into mailboxes at 113 addresses.  We deliver 7629 in bulk to 83 residential towers where the papers are either placed in distribution baskets or in a prominent position.  A further 1531 go to 54 city hotels and 502 are distributed via 22 real estate offices.

Via an arrangement with wholesale newsagents, some 1600 are “piggy-backing” into corporations with their daily newspapers and a further 200 are going to sub-news agencies.

A further 5500 papers are going into areas where people have time to read – specifically cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, bars, etc – and into distribution baskets in high-traffic areas.

So far, the locations on the map below show where we deliver more than 10 papers each month (NB: this is not counting street distribution. If we included that, the map would be a sea of red!).

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