CBD throws up a local election aspirant

The CBD has its very own local candidate for the City of Melbourne’s October 22 election.

Green’s candidate Apsara Sabaratnam has lived within the Hoddle Grid for 15 years now and offers a refreshing perspective – someone who actually appreciates high-rise apartment living!

She and her partner chose living in the beating heart of the city because of its vibrancy, diversity and excitement.

Apsara says it’s about time that the City of Melbourne recognised that city dwellers needed community services, just like their suburban counterparts enjoy.

“People need public space.  They need schools and access to childcare,” she said.  “Where’s the maternal health centre? The way things are, it’s very difficult for families to live here, but it should be for everyone.”

Ms Sabaratnam says developers need to pay their fair share towards the provision of services for inner-city residents.

“They’ve got to start giving back if we are going to build a sustainable city with a sustainable community,” she said.

And, while our city is lacking in some things, she wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Being Sri Lankan and growing up in Zambia and Zimbabwe before immigrating with her parents to finish high school in Melbourne, Ms Sabaratnam knows a vibrant community when she sees one.

She says central Melbourne is even better than New York and Paris because it has the added benefit of extreme cultural diversity.

“We’ve got everything right here on our doorstep,” she said. “I just love the life on our streets.  I just couldn’t stand living in the suburbs.”

Ms Sabaratnam says she is ready to represent central Melbourne, should she be elected to the City of Melbourne.

“I’ve worked closely with Greens representatives at all levels of government and have done of lot of policy work with Rohan (Leppert) and Cathy (Oke),” she said.

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