CBD crime rate is steady

The CBD has the highest rate of crime within the Melbourne area, according to crime data released last month.

Some 21,524 offences were recorded in the postcode 3000 last year, comprising 66 per cent of the 32,301 crimes recorded in the City of Melbourne.

The statistics were released last month as part of the Crime Statistics Agency first quarterly report. The Crime Statistics Agency assumed the role of reporting crime statistics from Victoria Police on January 1.

Although it recorded the highest level of offences within Melbourne, the good news is there’s been no increase in CBD crime rates over the past five years.

The 21,524 offences recorded in the CBD in 2014 almost match the 21,791 CBD-based offences recorded in 2010.

And in the intervening years crime levels have remained relatively stable in the city, peaking with 24,908 offences in 2012.

The most common offence recorded in the Melbourne LGA in 2014 was theft, with 9765 offences recorded. However, theft offences have decreased from 13,683 offences in 2012 and 10,284 offences in 2013.

Other common offences in the Melbourne LGA included deception (4676 offences), disorderly and offensive conduct (3924 offences), breaches of orders (3312 offences) and assault and related offences (2308 offences).

Overall property and deception offences, which include theft, arson and bribery, have dropped from 20,716 offences in 2012 to 17,569 offences in 2014.

Crimes against the person, which include homicide, sexual offences and assaults have remained stable, with 3648 offences recorded, almost the same as the 3644 offences recorded in 2012.

Some 11 homicides were recorded in the Melbourne region in 2014, matching the 2012 statistics but an increase on the four homicides recorded in 2013.

Public order and security offences such as public nuisance and disorderly and offensive conduct have decreased gradually over the past three years from 6186 offences in 2012, 5541 offences in 2013 and 4990 offences in 2012.

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