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Pounding the grid’s streets

Pounding the grid’s streets

By David Schout Inspired by ultrarunner Rickey Gates’ 2000km effort of running every single street of San Francisco, Craig Roberts tried his hand at the Hoddle Grid. On a sleepy Labour Day Monday morning, as Melbourne recovered from a night of festivities and overindulgence, Roberts set out to criss-cross the CBD. Training for a sixth

Services for rough sleepers overhauled

By David Schout Grassroots homeless charities are to be linked with established housing services under a new City of Melbourne initiative to ensure well-intentioned goodwill is better harnessed in the city. As the city looks to combat an increase in people experiencing homelessness, a number of “pop-up” volunteer services have been founded in recent years.

City says no to super-sized pay phones

The City of Melbourne has drawn a line in the sand and is refusing permission for advertising on 81 more “super-sized” pay phones which, it says, are really “digital billboards masquerading as phone booths”. The council is also requesting the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to make a ruling on whether the phone structures

Opposition grows over skinny tower proposal

By David Schout Heritage and community groups are baffled that the Royal Society of Victoria (RSV) is pressing ahead with plans for an ultra-slim 60-storey tower on the CBD’s north-eastern corner. The RSV made headlines last May when it proposed the 330m tower – which would become Australia’s tallest – on a triangular site half

Heartache for fire-affected residents

By Rhonda Dredge There were poignant family scenes at the fire-damaged Neo200 building on February 15 as residents arrived with suitcases hoping to get into their apartments, only to be turned back by security guards. Work was still underway to make the tower safe, guards said, but some residents had been informed they could return. 

Our new Moomba Monarchs

Soccer star Archie Thompson and weather presenter Jane Bunn were revealed as the 2019 Moomba Monarchs in a ceremony on February 15. Lord Mayor Sally Capp presented the monarchs the help of Ukrainian Cossack dancers from the Lehenda Dance Company and spaced-themed performers Box Wars. “I’m thrilled to announce Jane and Archie as this year’s

Bright sparks brings AI to aged-care

By David Schout When Adam Jahnke’s grandfather had a nasty fall in 2016, his family faced a predicament familiar to those with elderly loved ones. The fall, which caused hospitalisation, had not deterred his grandpa – or “Ump” as he and his siblings called him – who intended to return immediately to his home of

Hospitality wage theft in the city

By David Schout and Meg Hill Hospo Voice has continued to expose city-based hospitality employers underpaying their staff as the Fair Work Ombudsman conducts investigations into exploitation exposed by the union last year. On January 14 Hospo Voice shared an online ad for a kitchenhand/dishwasher by Treviso Bar & Dining in the city, highlighting that

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