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Meet the Lord Mayor

Meet the Lord Mayor

Lord Mayor Sally Capp made back-to-back appearances at CBD resident group meetings in September. Cr Capp was the guest speaker at Residents 3000’s annual general meeting (AGM) on September 5 at the Kelvin Club, and then again at EastEnders’ informal “Meet the Lord Mayor” event on September 9 at Quest Apartments.  EastEnders president Jennifer Eltham

When the music stops

By Meg Hill The entrance bell at Lewis’ Music crackled. Sometimes it got stuck and kept ringing for a few minutes. “I just saw the sign, you’re retiring?” a customer, who had come for guitar strings, asked. Roger Lewis had been running the shop on Russell St for over 55 years. Newly painted text on


By Meg Hill Development plans worth $16.7 million may erase a small part of Melbourne’s industrial charm that’s been “left out” of heritage studies. A planning application for 202-204 A’Beckett St submitted in August sought permission to demolish a decommissioned substation warehouse on the property to make way for a 14-storey multi-use building.  Melbourne’s old

New information could save heritage

By David Schout A last-ditch effort to save a 1940s office building on Little Bourke St has succeeded, after the state government afforded it temporary heritage protection. Chart House, a “representative example of an interwar office building”, was overlooked in a recent heritage review of the Guildford and Hardware Lane areas in the CBD. But

We’re expanding

Melbourne Men’s Shed (the Shed) continues to grow both in numbers and in meeting its basic objectives. With the number of members now approaching 90, the Shed is looking to expand its hours to cater for everyone. While the Shed has excellent woodworking facilities, chairman Andrew Stefanetti is quick to point out the variety of

Seniors Festival

The 37th annual Victorian Seniors Festival returns to Melbourne this October, with a number of free and low-cost events throughout the CBD. This year’s theme, Get into it! encourages older Victorians to both learn new skills and establish new friendships. The program kicks off on Sunday, October 6 at Federation Square, where from 10.30am to 4pm


累멨 Meg Hill 몽앴懇낀돨팀쬠,카랑굶懇漣섦쉥닒郭鹵漣리삿돤寧淃북鱗葵累,鱗槨썩엄轟소옵백狂痙劤렘랬돨寧꼬롸。     懇낀힉적·엥팹(Sally Capp)瞳9墩5휑돨“앙췽3000”삔累綱,鹵漣리綠쒔谿雷栗燎寧몸劤淃커,맡淃커玲瞳뭔찜刊북쨋拒諒앙遼돨쉔蓼。     懇낀綱:“乖혼숨죄鹵낀,멩据儉닒拮목雷屢윱綱,侶깻꼇角乖쳬돨得훨,뎃흔벎乖쳬꼇隣듐痂척,컸앎꼇삔唐杰맣쏵,乖蕨儉瓊놔鹵漣리角뤠콘槨侶硅嘉넣崎瓊묩栗쏜,儉綠쒔谿雷죄。” 懇낀綱,瞳轟소옵백諒돨狂痙,뒈렘懇漣累삔청唐뫘뜩“옵꽃혤돨대嘉”죄,카랑굶懇漣寧殮瞳踏綱젬곡뵨鹵漣리꽃혤契땡。 뎃劒깊刻,瞳櫓卵蛟혐쨋拒쌍庫돨狂痙角“宅乖쳬돨匡뺏뵨삔唐밑돨慤헙,乖쳬엄땍뚤늪꽃혤뫘생섐돨대嘉”。     郭鹵漣리쉥宅카랑굶懇漣,카랑굶냘혐돨페儉寧硅懇漣、加匡景·돠·괏쭈뵨안各엊된륩蛟瓊묩샙뭐鹿섟降檀샙뭐寧폅,路劤방뺍寧硅옵痰돨쉔蓼。 懇낀瞳踞빈랙못《떼懇劤壙괩》돨寧룀츠櫓깊刻:“카랑굶懇漣攣瞳梁섞적樓宮밑데貫,관윅鹵漣리、폐撚꼬쳔、늣샙뭐、륩蛟瓊묩데貫뵨뒈렘漣리,擎쬠乖쳬흔부꼽콘離봤뒈북鱗,꽃혤쏨선契땡윱곤燎쨋拒쌍庫돨훙쳬。” 혤句융묾權菱契났,苟寧꼍켱? 累멨 David Schout 瞳鹵漣리엄땍록뇜융묾權菱契났셕뺍裂빈,櫓卵蛟혐쉥붤우꼇疼唐폄묾權데났돨朞嶝죄。          菱묾權데났무鱇oBike界岺頓檀鹿윱쏭寧쾨뜩,鹵漣리뵨RACV융묾權菱契났젬북셕뺍冷쉥黨11墩30휑혤句,凜槨랙君侶硅묾權菱契났틱엇첼莖쏭賈痰寧늴。     郭鹵寮밗돛쨌돨戒낀솔윗·팹랑르돠(Jaala Pulford)깊刻맡묾權菱契났“綠댐돕페묘콘稈츱돨老듐”,록뇜頓契뚤懇櫓懃돛쨌貢윱綱角唐생섐鱗痰돨。     劒綱:“셕뺍磊꼍혤句묾權데났,乖쳬瞳훙契돛槨契훙뵨菱契났界렴눼芚뫘뜩돨왕쇌,侶冷角끽방폄났諒뵨契훙瞳櫓卵蛟혐杰瓊놔돨矜헹。”          뎃鹵漣리앳없쀼댑굶괩瓊놔돨밑黨카랑굶묾權데났灌윱돨狂痙,관윅角뤠唐뫘劤셕뺍。 乖쳬냘懇돨쫄瘻긴 밤멩쬠 Sean Car 카랑굶냘懇셕뵨淃커寮훨쭈꼈·饑뎠薑(Rob Adams)싱竿列돛맣긴냘懇꼇角寧拈裂쇌돨慤。     菱20各셩80쾨덜鹿윱,侶貫看柩쉔蓼可뵨냘懇방뺍可寧殮瞳곤燎股땡냘懇돨옵넣崎랙嵐毒쒼。     渡셕돕2040쾨,카랑굶냘혐돨훙왯쉥藤속寧굡,凜늪槨냘懇瓊묩뫘뜩역렴왕쇌깻숑햐폭빅긴뺏緞捲,侶蘆휑樓랙嵐돨矜헹긴돤談槨路狼。     饑뎠薑싱竿綱,닒20各셩80쾨덜侶林냘懇宮뚤왕웅돨櫓卵蛟혐瘻긴逞쏟綠쒔角宮뎠“앵댕돨”돨긴뺏죄,뎃狼壇뚤乖쳬離路댕돨鯨濫,뻘唐붤낀돨쨌狼浬。  

MBN marks new era

The Melbourne Business Network (MBN) unveiled its new committee at an event at Victory Lounge on Collins St on September 19.  Following the recent resignations of MBN’s much-loved pair Bev Friend (president) and the retiring executive officer and “Mr Melbourne” John Stock, the organisation is now embracing a new era under new leadership.   Former

Little guys get their say

By Rhonda Dredge It’s not often that the little guys have a chance to hit back at government but Melbourne’s strike for climate change gave them a chance. Many cut short their last day of school to get to Treasury Gardens to have their say.  Country kids from Echuca and Gisborne left first thing on

Light the night

The CBD was ablaze in light and colour during the White Night Reimagined festival in August.  A record 718,000 people attended the event over three nights from August 22 to 24, as the festival celebrated its seventh year in Melbourne.  Once again under the stewardship of artistic director David Atkins, the event featured more than

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