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Overdue greening for Davisons Place

A City of Melbourne project aimed at greening Davisons Place, which has been in the pipeline for more than a year, is still more than four months away from completion.  A council spokesperson told CBD News in July that the project, which will see four planter boxes installed on the western side of the laneway

Catching those falling through the cracks

By David Schout A pilot program providing mental health support for vulnerable people not covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has made big strides in its first few months. Launched in April, the Inner Melbourne Connections Program (IMCP) – a collaborative program between health, community and charity networks – aims to provide psychosocial

꽉떴眷 劤역蠟

郭뜩적饑큽珙懇끝(QVM)쌀역죄카랑굶離劤돨眷돛竟駱,꽉떴眷黨7墩19휑攣駕역撚。     貫黨카랑굶離肝뻑短돨큽珙懇끝櫓懃侶몸냔裂槨떴眷裂소,26몸뗌접처弄瞳땍齡돨섞陋芎櫓檀撚,못뭔膠諒瓊묩뗌景돨뭔膠竟駱。     꽉떴眷돨저袈옵鹿瀏巨돕1936쾨,劍돨츰俚角槨죄셩쿡鄧쒔놔簡쫄꽉떴돨眷돛。     12몸劤소宅君唐처弄젬癎,瓊묩몹蘆뎠뒈셕、꽃뭔샀끓돨珂陋、뮴땟、瀧괜、論減틔、묏論틔、빱륀틔、鯤야、蝎석된。     닒뗌접蝎듦쯔쟝·쯩땀暠蝎돕笭컁무鱇돨癎묏엥튬뵨쟉膠,꼈읨鬼썬륩干돨뗌景륩陋,癎묏핀옹제齡鱗카랑굶옵옵,꽉떴眷옵廬角쐴믓와杰拳。     懇낀힉적·엥팹(Sally Capp)綱,貫黨L뵨M묏퇘裂쇌돨꽉떴眷錦쉔,角카랑굶懇봬栗2.5聾걜禱路쉔큽珙懇끝혐堵돨寧꼬롸。     懇낀綱:“꽉떴眷콘횻콱璣冷카랑굶離봤돨뗌접齡鱗훙、눼鱗諒、셕可뵨論減소돨劤뒈렘。”     “乖쳬퍅寡뗌景돨뭔膠竟駱뵨嘉콘뭘俱多뫘뜩돨믓와쏵흙侶寧懇끝,깻槨슥弄諒瓊묩폭빅괏빱뵨뇨膠왕쇌。” 懇漣콰땍칡辜났界났劤방 累멨 David Schout 카랑굶懇漣硫구瞳櫓卵蛟혐離런챈돨훙契돛갛陋“꼇硫界났”돨깃羚,鹿뻠썩뗏힘돨냘懇훙契돛。     懇漣累逃攣瞳속쏨묏鱗,클제쉥“쀼백훙契돛”鱗槨懇漣10쾨슥繫濫쫠돨寧몸밑숩連料,칡辜났뵨稼틔우뒵났돨界났냥죄濾뚤커깃。     맡濫쫠돨離老꿇갭쉥붤우瓊슥못懇累삔,페櫓관윅寧淃셕뺍,섦藤속300몸쨌긋칡辜났界났貫,鱗槨쉥劍쳬닒런챈돨훙契돛盧浬돨寧蘆대嘉。     懇漣뻘깊刻,硫구瞳런챈돨돛쨌갛陋“꼇硫界났”돨깃羚,鹿늪鱗槨락齡슥繫撻뗏돨쏵寧꼍대嘉。     懇漣랙喇훙綱:“乖쳬돨커깃角맣乖쳬懇혐돨쌍돛,횻杰唐돨痰빵뫘갛홍,관윅契훙뵨폄칡辜났돨훙。”     儉뻘綱:“槨죄댐돕侶몸커깃,乖쳬삔瓊묩뫘뜩쨌긋칡辜났껜났嘉,乖쳬옵콘矜狼瞳寧硅멕삶땡혐堵多흙칡辜났홍莖샀꼬롸珂쇌꼇硫界났돨방땍。”     카랑굶角걜댕적饑顆寧돨寧몸옵鹿북랬瞳훙契돛界났돨看떼냘懇。     폄났훙怜矜瞳댕짜棍횻역寧종칡辜났돨界났약잼,앎옵鹿횻契훙菱譚繫契죄。     뎃角唐밑侶淃鹵랬쪼쐤윱多폅죄즈훙庫梗돨狂痙。桔씩聯茄,憐몸櫓卵蛟혐돨10늴놔契櫓唐쐤9늴角枯꼍供냥돨。 렛寮尻据犁槻 累멨 David

Big awards for small businesses

The City of Melbourne recognised the contribution of small businesses to the city on June 27 through the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Commendations. Lord Mayor Sally Capp said small businesses were the lifeblood of Melbourne’s economy. “The City of Melbourne is home to 13,700 small businesses whose creativity, vibrancy and flair are central to our economy,”

Residents “shut out” from planning

By David Schout CBD residents are largely unheard in council planning matters and deserve a greater say in the city’s direction, a leading voice on citizen juries has said. Dr Stan Capp has proposed creating a panel of impartial residents to add a missing democratic layer in the city’s decision-making process. He said the council’s

Heritage tax dodges

By Meg Hill Owners of state-listed heritage buildings in the CBD triggered a tax loophole earlier this year and escaped hundreds of thousands of dollars in land tax. Now, a bid to drag local heritage overlay into the loophole could cause an inundation of new tax dodges.  Owners of the former London and Lancashire building

CitiPower road closure

Little Bourke St will be closed to traffic between Russell St and all of Waratah Place for 11 weeks from August as part of CitiPower’s CBD upgrades to the electricity network. Speaking at an East Enders resident group meeting on June 18, CitiPower and Powercor stakeholder engagement manager for major projects Kellie Wilson said that

Shared zone “an accident waiting to happen”

By David Schout A serious accident at a busy cyclist and pedestrian zone on Swanston St is “waiting to happen” according to a concerned user. In a detailed presentation to the City of Melbourne in June, cyclist and tram user Stephen Maguire detailed his experiences at the shared zone between Melbourne Central Station and the

Still no cladding loans issued

By Sean Car and Alex Dalziel Since the state government introduced its cladding rectification agreement (CRA) scheme in October last year, not a single loan has been granted to an owner affected by flammable cladding in Victoria.  In July last year, the state government announced that it would be introducing CRAs as part of changes

A stable space for young people in need

By David Schout A world-first youth crisis accommodation centre has opened in the CBD, in what providers hope will provide greater stability for the city’s young people doing it tough. The new 18-bed facility at Frontyard Youth Services on King St allows those aged 12-25 to be housed in the same facility that offers 24/7

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