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One million motifs: Metro’s archaeological progress

One million motifs: Metro’s archaeological progress

As Metro Tunnel work progresses in the city, so does the state’s biggest ever archaeological investigation and its catalogue of discoveries. CBD excavation director Paul Pepdjonovic said about one million artefacts were expected to be discovered over the entire project. “We’re pretty close to that, we’re at 800,000 and counting,” he said. The two CBD

Coffee minus the footprint

By David Schout The shift to reusable coffee cups has been a step forward in the war on waste – but what if you leave your trusty cup at home? Fortunately, one new Melbourne initiative targets those forgetful types still eager for a flat white and a clear conscience. Lily Yap and Benjamin Korff launched

“Melbourne’s Stonewall” retold in new short film

By Meg Hill Twenty-five years after New York’s Stonewall riots, more than 450 members of the Melbourne LGBT community were falsely detained and strip-searched during a police raid on the Tasty nightclub. The venue was technically on Flinders St, but attendees entered via the back entrance – 331 Flinders Lane – for safety.  Police arrived

More than a drinking hub

Every week in the CBD there are 30 to 40 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. There are early morning meetings, lunch time meetings and early evening meetings. In fact, Melbourne’s first ever AA meeting was on Collins St in 1946, 10 years after the AA book was published in the US.  “We call it the big

Job hopes for disadvantaged youth

Not-for-profit organisation Doxa wants CBD businesses to offer cadetships to disadvantaged youths.  Doxa CEO Steve Clifford said: “We have a diverse range of students all in great need.  These young people are experiencing, and have experienced, significant disadvantage in their lives.” “Many are the first in their family to attend university. Most are supplementing studies

Plans to clear footpaths of motorbikes

By David Schout The City of Melbourne has flagged re-marking on-street car parks as motorbike spaces in an effort to alleviate clogged CBD footpaths.  The move is in response to overwhelming feedback from city residents, workers and visitors of overcrowding when walking around the CBD. The council estimates that 1300 motorcycles come into the city

Pounding the grid’s streets

By David Schout Inspired by ultrarunner Rickey Gates’ 2000km effort of running every single street of San Francisco, Craig Roberts tried his hand at the Hoddle Grid. On a sleepy Labour Day Monday morning, as Melbourne recovered from a night of festivities and overindulgence, Roberts set out to criss-cross the CBD. Training for a sixth

Services for rough sleepers overhauled

By David Schout Grassroots homeless charities are to be linked with established housing services under a new City of Melbourne initiative to ensure well-intentioned goodwill is better harnessed in the city. As the city looks to combat an increase in people experiencing homelessness, a number of “pop-up” volunteer services have been founded in recent years.

City says no to super-sized pay phones

The City of Melbourne has drawn a line in the sand and is refusing permission for advertising on 81 more “super-sized” pay phones which, it says, are really “digital billboards masquerading as phone booths”. The council is also requesting the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to make a ruling on whether the phone structures

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