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How safe do you feel in Melbourne’s CBD?

How safe do you feel in Melbourne’s CBD?

By Asleen Mauthoor The brutal attack on Aiia Maasarwe, with its eerie similarities to the Eurydice Dixon case, has again raised the issue of personal safety in Melbourne, particularly at night.  Melbourne East Local Area Commander, Insp Craig Peel stressed that anyone should contact the police if they felt vulnerable. “Even if you just have

Councillors call to the parties

By Kevin Jingga Climate change is at the top of a list of issues the City of Melbourne will present to the major parties contesting the up-coming federal election. Councillors have compiled a list of 19 issues ranging across climate and environment, transportation, social security and community services, education, employment, Aboriginal Melbourne, arts and planning.

Committee rebrands as “ladies”

The Lady Mayoress’s Committee has reformed and rebranded after being cut by the City of Melbourne in June. The charity, now known as the Melbourne Ladies Committee Inc, will have its inaugural event at 2pm on April 16 at the Bishopscourt in East Melbourne. It will include a recital from the Australian National Academy of

$250,000 for pop-up shelters

Property industry collective TEN Women raised more than $250,000 for homeless women at a high-profile event attended by 500 industry leaders and opened by Lord Mayor Sally Capp on March 1.  The luncheon at Myer Mural Hall raised more than $150,000 through event sponsorship and a further $100,000 through pledges and a live auction. TEN

High Line park idea is “progressing”

The City of Melbourne has developed a high-level concept plan in response to Lord Mayor Sally Capp’s pre-election promise of a “high line” park. Cr Capp’s concept promised: “A new tract of public space …  would run from Birrurung Marr to Southern Cross Station.” “The park, modelled on New York’s iconic High Line park, would

Lit culture for the people

Rhonda Dredge Where do readers like to congregate – in libraries, cafes, back lanes, the centre of the city or on the margins down near Spencer St where there aren’t many council facilities? The City Library in Flinders Lane is at the heart of one vibrant literary community that many consider to be peak Melbourne.

CBD crime rate down

By Shilan Pan Crime in the CBD has dropped since 2016, according to newly-released Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) data. The overall postcode 3000 crime figure fell from 16,275 recorded incidents in 2017 to 15,995 in 2018 – the lowest since 2016, and almost the same as the 2015 rate.  Some 2314 “crimes against the person”

New group seeks perfect harmony

By David Schout Ever wanted to sing in a group, but never plucked up the courage? Do you shyly save your serenading for the car or shower? Then the newly-formed Flinders Lane Community Choir, an inclusive, no-experience-needed group, might just be for you. Meeting at Ross House during workday lunchtimes, the new initiative will welcome

Councillors ignore Chinatown advice

By Shane Scanlan In a rare breach of discipline, five City of Melbourne councillors in March ignored clear-cut planning advice and voted against issuing a planning permit for a “pop-up” restaurant in Chinatown. At the March 19 Future Melbourne Committee meeting, councillors Philip Le Liu, Kevin Louey, Beverley Pinder, Susan Riley and Arron Wood supported

Yesterday’s art is today’s vintage

By Rhonda Dredge Back in the early days of the cinema, talented commercial artists were employed to design and paint posters to create just the right emotional appeal for a movie. Spencer Tracey might have appeared in an heroic pose in the foreground with a villain on a distant hill. A love interest might have

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