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Mobile doc rolled out

By Alex Dalziel  A mobile doctor service that provides free healthcare to homeless people living on the streets of the CBD will be expanded under a new investment from the City of Melbourne. Cohealth’s street doctor mobile bus clinic, which previously only operated on Wednesdays, will now also operate on Mondays.  The service provides a

“We’re not a hotel”

By David Schout  The owner of a quirky CBD caravan park has been taken to court by hotel giant Novotel for a name it claims is too similar to its own. The costly legal battle has led James Fry to self-represent at the Intellectual Property Court in Canberra, the result of which he is anxiously

90-year neighbours unite for garden

By Alex Dalziel  The Immigration Museum and the Port Authority Building have collaborated to deliver a community garden to residents. August 24 marked the beginning of a 12-month trial community garden in the Immigration Museum’s rear courtyard.   The trial will allow Port Authority Building residents to use garden planter boxes in the courtyard, providing

Residents pine for quiet

By Rhonda Dredge Bible House is on the front line of excavations for the new Town Hall Metro station and its residents have learned to deal with the noise and vibrations. Jemma Thomas lives on the top floor with her pet and partner and the balcony of their studio apartment overlooks the site. “Sometimes I

Start-up gets $25,000

A council grant will give a city-based start-up the chance to develop smart technology in its quest to provide consumers with zero-waste grocery baskets. Unpackaged Eco won $25,000 from the City of Melbourne’s Small Business and Social Enterprise Grants which will go toward radio-frequency identification (RFID). “The dispenser of the bin and the packaging start

Fringe in search of truth

Melbourne Fringe has turned to truth 37 years into life. For its truth-themed year the Hub has relocated from North Melbourne to the “People’s Palace” Trades Hall – while the rest of the festival branches out to 140 different venues, 2718 participating artists and 455 events.  Ben Anderson, an independent producer living in Southbank’s Arts

Mirka Mora: The teacher

By Meg Hill Mirka Mora was one of the city’s most famous artists. Her career tracked with Melbourne’s development – her murals and studios appearing in key locations at prime moments. She moved into Collins St’s Grosvenor Chambers in 1951 as Melbourne’s bohemian moment began. She then opened Exhibition St’s Mirka Café a few years

Contracts for bookseller

By Rhonda Dredge Getting a publishing contract is like winning a lottery for a writer. To get two at once is enough to make you feel like a millionaire. Anna Macdonald has a book of essays coming out next month and a novella next year. She has signed the contracts with Splice and can relax

A blessing in disguise

By Rhonda Dredge Art students at the Box Hill Institute’s city campus are learning how to get viewers to connect both emotionally and intellectually with their work. Daniel Matina’s grandma Maria died six weeks ago and he’s memorialising her in a painting of her last walk in the park. The view, which is from the

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