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Council compromised by donations

City of Melbourne councillors were unable to consider a planning application last month because too many of them had received election campaign contributions from the developer. On November 11, the Future Melbourne Committee was left without a quorum and was, therefore, unable to consider a Southbank planning matter relating to developer Central Equity. Central Equity

Charity gets a paint make-over

When 17 Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Central Melbourne-Sunrise and Melbourne Park agreed to paint the fence at McAuley House, North Melbourne, they didn’t expect the job would need 30 litres of paint. That’s what it took to paint 60 metres of pickets and palings last month. McAuley House accommodates about 20 homeless women, typically aged

Foodie’s paradise

Living next to the Queen Victoria Market is paradise for a foodie like Marisa Raniolo Wilkins. The 67-year-old has written two cookbooks, one of which is being re-released this month. Ms Wilkins is a passionate Sicilian, despite spending limited time there. She explained that her Sicilian parents met in northern Italy, returning to the island

CBD’s hidden treasures perfect for a hunt

By Marcus Tainsh An enigmatic Melburnian and her team of ‘elves’ are building a reputation for placing gift vouchers around the city and tweeting clues about their location to a budding audience of amateur sleuths. Combining her love for scavenger hunts, cryptic crosswords and the emerging online “geo-caching” craze, Dot, the founder of @HiddenGiftMel, said

Meet your friendly neighbourhood superhero

It’s reassuring to know that the world champion stick-fighter lives in the neighbourhood.  It’s a bit like having our own superhero! John Moore, 36, has been fighting since he was 14 and has more medals, trophies and certificates than you can poke a stick at. He’s expert in a long-list of martial arts – having started


This humble apparatus on the corner of Flinders and Williams streets is the state’s hardest-working revenue-raiser. The camera snapped 27,138 infringements last financial year, raising $6.63 million revenue for the state. The camera averages 74 fines per day with an average take of $246 adding up to $18,186 per day.

Inner Melbourne bike crashes mapped

By Chloe Strachan Monash University’s City Science research group has released a map of bike crashes over the last five years, between July 2008 and July 2013. City Science applied VicRoad crash statistic to the Strava application, which bike riders use to map their riding progress. Using the Strava Global Heatmap as a background, the

Emerging from her silent world

Being deaf is just a minor disability if you have what it takes to be a great employee. 16-year-old Paula Aparejado is doing work experience at the Mail Exchange Hotel in Bourke St and has already been earmarked as an employee. She was born deaf but, according to hotel manager Nici Nicholson, has got more

Angelic Mission

After a divine commute, these four angels were off to their day-job to add some colour and non-movement to an anti-climate change protest in Spencer St on October 9. Some 60 protesters staged a sit-in at energy giant AGL’s Melbourne operation, while the angels added a theatrical touch by blocking a revolving entrance. Organisers say

Beware of conning ‘monks’

A pair of con-artists dressed as Buddhist monks have been sighted in and around the city tricking unsuspecting shoppers and tourists into giving them cash.  CBD News spotted two men in September, approaching members of the public up in Southbank and in the CBD. A group of four has also been spotted scamming people along

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