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Assault at karaoke bar

Melbourne North Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating a serious assault that left two people injured at a karaoke bar in the CBD last month. It is believed the male and female victims were drinking with a group of people at the licensed premises on Elizabeth St around 1am on January 11. The 25-year-old male

Creative pathway

Young people between 13 to 25 years engaged with professional artists as co-creators during Signal 37. The summer art program was jam-packed with workshops, mentoring opportunities, conversations, exhibitions and performances. The program offered budding artists the chance to work alongside professional artists, develop skills across a wide range of art forms and gain accreditation, opening

Riding roughshod over the law

The clippity clop of hooves on CBD streets is soothing to most but is increasingly annoying to the City of Melbourne. The council and the horse-drawn vehicle operators are locked in a bitter battle over permit conditions compliance. Some operators, the council says, are now operating without street trading permits – presenting an even greater

High hopes for the ‘other’ east-west link

Proponents of the Melbourne B1 Veloway are confident that the new State Government will accept their novel idea to separate cyclists from CBD motorists and pedestrians. If accepted and finally built, the Veloway cycle path would be “clipped” to the outside of the 1.7km railway viaduct, passing over Banana Alley and six intersections, between Flinders

Call for plan for the central city

Some order may come to the apparent planning chaos within the CBD if City of Melbourne planning chair Cr Ken Ong has his way. Cr Ong wants the council to again attempt to lead a planning scheme amendment resulting in firm rules governing built form within the Hoddle Grid area. The council attempted four years

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