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Hotel proposed for Equity Chambers

The historic Equity Chambers building on Bourke St will now be redeveloped into a hotel instead of a residential apartment building.  Developer Williamson Properties originally proposed the controversial redevelopment of Equity Chambers into a 17-storey tower in 2008 and amended the proposal in 2010 to include more apartments. The latest amendment application was submitted to

Liberal voters could be disenfranchised

CBD Liberal voters may be denied an opportunity to vote for their party of choice at next year’s state election. After the recent Northcote by-election, party officials said the Liberals may also not field a candidate in Melbourne next year. The ALP has preselected former local member Jennifer Kanis to contest the seat.  CBD News

墨市中心 – 澳大利亚的“入境口岸”

Sunny Liu 撰稿    人口学专家表示,墨市中心(CBD)成了新来澳大利亚的国际学生之“入境口岸”,导致该地区的失业率居高不下。 10月份发布的人口普查数据显示,从2011年到2016年,生活在CBD的全职工比例已经由61.4%下降到49.2%,远低于维多利亚州当前的平均水平57%。 与此同时,2016年有15.1%的CBD居民失业,比2011年的11%有所上升,是该州失业率的两倍多。 三分之一的CBD居民是目前就读大专院校的学生。 人口统计机构的研究部主任西蒙•奎斯滕梅切(Simon Kuestenmacher)表示,CBD中大多数居民是那些尚未找到工作的学生或新来的移民,因此失业率居高不下。 他把墨尔本CBD称为“澳大利亚最特别的住宅区”。 他说。“它的功能与澳大利亚大部分社区完全不同。 对于那些在完成学业或者上班之后可能要搬家的学生来说,这里是一个台阶。” 国际学生刚来澳大利亚学习,通常会选择住在CBD并找附近的大学就读。 他说:“很大一部分的CBD住房是专门针对那些只需要住宿几年的国际学生。”  

Plenty of planning bids

Planning applications have not slowed down in Melbourne compared with the previous year. From 2016 to 2017, 1264 applications were received by the City of Melbourne, nearly identical with the 1265 received in the year before. Some 902 permits were issued and 126 amended permits were granted between 2016 and 2017. Between 2013 and 2015

Bridging the link with China through language

By Sunny Liu Chinese language and business specialist Kate Ritchie says she thinks language is the key to better engage with the CBD’s Chinese community.   “Language unlocks culture. People overlook the importance all the time,” she said. “It’s all based on relationship. We can see here that the Chinese community is very developed. So

Uplift for office development

City of Melbourne councillors have supported a proposal to build a 22-storey mixed-use development above a commercial car park in Little Lonsdale St. Using a yet-to-be-granted address of 140 Lonsdale St, the development sits behind a 29-story office tower at 150 Lonsdale St. The development has a plot ratio of 22.77:1 – exceeding the 18.1

Wind harvesting

The City of Melbourne, Melbourne University, RMIT and Federation Square are sourcing renewable energy from a proposed Pacific Hydro wind farm as part of the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project.  The project consists of 14 universities, institutions, local councils and companies that will purchase 88Gwh of energy from the new wind farm development near Ararat. Deputy

Support for monster tower

City of Melbourne councillors have supported the construction of a 61-storey, 196m student accommodation tower in Franklin St. The November 14 Future Melbourne Committee meeting was told 2000 people could occupy the building on a working day. “That makes it as big as a Melbourne suburb and to have just seven car parking spots and

Swanston St settles after flooding

By Rhonda Dredge The good news for this month is the miraculous recovery of a building at 55 Swanston St which some said was doomed to become little more than a backdrop for street performers. More than 40 tenants were evacuated in September, following the flooding of the basement and destruction of the electrical system.

Permanent Bourke St bollards installed

By Karina Schulz Wharwood The 440 temporary concrete blocks that had been placed around the CBD are in the process of being replaced with the new permanent solutions. On November 20, Bourke St Mall was the first of nine sites to receive the permanent metal bollards to protect from vehicle attacks. Police Minister Lisa Neville

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