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Lunch with a heart

Lunch with a heart

A host of not-for-profit food and drink businesses have popped up around the city, committed to giving back to the community. STREAT A not-for-profit hospitality organisation, gives support and hospitality industry training to disadvantaged youths. STREAT’s founders, Rebecca Scott and Kate Barrelle, were inspired by KOTO, a training program and restaurant providing street youth with

$15 lunch deals

By Tina Thorburn Leave behind your sad sandwich or last night’s leftovers, Melbourne’s CBD is a hub of lunchtime gems. Aside from an excuse to stretch your legs and get out of the office, for $15 or less you can grab a delicious meal. From focaccias to savoury crepes, the hardest decision won’t be whether

Lunch time events

Taketori Taketori offers fusion Japanese cuisine. In addition to the extensive a la carte menu, there’s a sushi bar at the front and a downstairs tatami section where patrons sit on cushions on the floor a la Japanese style. 225 King St, Melbourne 9939 8152 Lunchtime ZEN Sit with Zen monk Seikan and practice

Get your slurp on

One can barely walk a block in the CBD without coming across an eatery that does not serve pho (pronounced fuh). Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup typically served with chicken, beef or seafood and can be personalised with mint leaves, Vietnamese basil, bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro, fresh chilli and lime. Up until recently,

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