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Top chef returns to where it started

By David Schout Walking back through the William Angliss doors, things felt decidedly familiar for top Victorian chef Michael Cole. It had been around 13 years since he trained at the LaTrobe St institute, and the nostalgia took hold. “It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane,” he said. “It feels like a lifetime

Aidan Coffey was selected to represent William Angliss at the Victorian Tourism Industry Council student entrepreneurial awards.

Mixing with the best

By David Schout While further education exposes students to many ideas and schools of thought, William Angliss Institute’s Aidan Coffey has developed one of his own. “My philosophy is that I’ll just work in places I can’t afford,” he says, grinning. The fourth-year bachelor of tourism and hospitality management student has already worked in some

Lauren follows her dreams

Recent William Angliss event management graduate Lauren Macron can testify to the value of volunteering to gain valuable experience. The highly-motivated student has a history of putting herself forward – with each placement making her more “saleable” and valued for the next. During her time studying an advanced diploma, Lauren volunteered her services for the

Guidance from the best for budding chefs

Guidance from the best for budding chefs By David Schout The world of high-end cuisine is a sink-or-swim environment. Once thrown in the deep end, you’re expected to stay afloat and thrive despite testing circumstances. And as executive chef at Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Jason Camillo knows that the more experience budding chefs can get in

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