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Short-stay violence spurs action

The short-stay industry is facing regulation on both sides of the Atlantic in Canada and France as city governments try to resolve safety and community concerns. In Toronto, the city has passed new regulations requiring owners to live at the premises and to register with the local government as a short-stay provider. In introducing the

Proposed changes to the Owners’ Corporation Act

As we write, Victorian Parliament is due to debate a draft Bill to amend the Owners’ Corporation (OC) Act 2006. The flammable cladding issue has highlighted a serious shortcoming in the proposed amendments. For several months we have been writing about the huge financial cost to owners caused by flammable cladding, and the slim prospects

Owners’ corporation bill

The long-awaited Owners’ Corporation (OC) Amendment Bill has been introduced into parliament.  The most significant change, and one we had been advocating for, is the creation of tiers of OC relating to the size of the development. The OC Act 2006 failed to distinguish between small and large developments, but now five tiers have been

Small print shrinks state cladding fund

Premier Daniel Andrews’ cladding fund might be able to help a tiny percentage of apartment buildings with dangerous cladding. The small print in the recent Victorian Building Authority (VBA) report explained that more than half the headline-grabbing $300 million fund would be earmarked to fix the cladding on the government’s own buildings. Less than $150

A Royal Commission into industry scandals

We Live here Enough is enough. Every day we read of more apartment catastrophes created by builders with the tacit acquiescence of governments:  Cladding made of flammable material on thousands of apartment blocks Cracking buildings sparking fears of collapse  Contracts for management mates locked in for decades Apartment owners continue to be ripped off by

Bill defects need to be fixed

As we sifted through the exposure draft of the Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendments Bill released by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) we found quite a few issues.  We Live Here has submitted a response to CAV. In it we have detailed substantial deficiencies in the Bill that need to be resolved. Tiers of owners

More support for OCs in the new Bill

The long-awaited exposure draft of the Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendments Bill has now been released by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) for public consultation.  The exposure draft can be accessed at www.consumer.vic.gov.au/OCBill Submissions emailed to [email protected] will be accepted until May 10, 2019.  Subject to the satisfactory resolution of any issues raised during the

Owners’ corporation law – time’s up

The state government is under increasing pressure to amend the outdated Owners Corporation Act 2006. Its long-awaited review of the Act is now more than a year overdue, based on its own promises. The government’s self-imposed target date to release an “exposure draft” is now June this year. We Live Here hopes that the draft

Cladding confusion continues

We Live Here has been inundated with complaints that it has been almost impossible to get accurate, consistent information about cladding and how to address the issue. Owners’ corporations (OCs) have been telling us they are getting mixed messages about whether there is a cladding issue at all.  Is our building on a danger list

Now Labor can work with residents

We Live Here In the fallout from the state poll we hope that Labor politicians remember that they have been elected to represent people. Both major parties disappointed the electorate by failing to articulate any policies to help residents in strata communities – all 1.6 million of us whose voices have not been and are

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