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Short-stays will endanger COVID recovery

Open letter to the Minister for Consumer Affairs (CAV) and the Minister for Health and Human Services (DHHS) Dear Ministers, The COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide collapse of tourism has demonstrated what years of lobbying has failed to do: that there is no place for short-stay operations in high-rise residential buildings.  The problem is fundamental:

Airbnb CEO “has mucked it all up”

Airbnb has reportedly taken a $1.5 billion hit in the COVID-19 pandemic. Embattled CEO, Brian Chesky, is reported to be living with his mum again, bemoaning, “it felt like everything was breaking at once”. Perhaps the short-stay behemoth’s financial predicament prompted a sudden awakening in the uncharacteristically morose Mr Chesky, who mused wistfully about regressing

Stage 3 lockdown fines for short-stays

Reimposed COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and massive fines have the potential to damage the entire short-stay industry beyond recognition. All operators of short-stays, including apartment owners and commercial operators (beyond just Airbnb), can now look forward to fines ranging from $1652 to $9913 for each booking, with each guest facing a fine of $1652. Prior to

Short-stays in the aftermath of COVID-19

An open Letter to the Premier of Victoria and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne … For years we have lobbied for the regulation of the short-stay industry, especially in high-rise residential strata buildings not designed for hotel-type accommodation.  Our pleas have mostly fallen on deaf ears and the current changes to the legislation are proving

Cladding: are you on the funding list?

Does your building qualify for support from the state government’s cladding rectification fund? It’s a common question and we were delighted to be approached recently by Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) with an offer to explain the process in detail. CSV was established last year to work with individual owners, identified by the Victorian Building Authority

We need a clear cladding policy – now!

By Barbara Francis and Rus Littleton We are still waiting for a coherent government policy on combustible cladding that can provide clarity for owners’ corporations (OCs) facing massive bills for rectification. More and more buildings are getting caught up in the nightmare, receiving building orders with no appropriate follow up, and no end in sight.

More short-stay abuse – with no recourse for residents

By Barbara Francis and Rus Littleson Residents across Melbourne are reporting more horror stories of short-stay abuse – with little chance of any meaningful redress and still less of any resolution.  In our previous column we reported the case of an enterprising resident who won a victory in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

Short-stay abuse despite resident’s VCAT win

Residents in a prestige Melbourne apartment tower report that they are living in fear of abuse and violent threats from out-of-control short-stay guests – despite a VCAT ruling in favour of a resident who complained. In a legal first, VCAT issued consent orders against Melbourne Serviced Apartments Pty Ltd for a string of disturbing short-stay

Short-stay violence spurs action

The short-stay industry is facing regulation on both sides of the Atlantic in Canada and France as city governments try to resolve safety and community concerns. In Toronto, the city has passed new regulations requiring owners to live at the premises and to register with the local government as a short-stay provider. In introducing the

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