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The apple doesn’t fall far

The apple doesn’t fall far

By David Schout They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but in the case of Market Organics owner Wendy Edwards, the phrase takes on a whole new meaning. Since she was three weeks old, Wendy has been making the regular pilgrimage to Queen Victoria Market (QVM). Her family’s apple orchard in Red

Bushfood in the heart of the city

21-year-old Hayden Marks is passionate about native Australian bushfoods.  His business Melbourne Bushfood has recently arrived in the organics section at Queen Victoria Market (QVM), adding to the market’s already diverse range of fresh foods.  While much of what Hayden offers will be familiar to most of us, bushfoods are generally not found in most

The world famous Christmas shop

The Myer Christmas Windows aren’t the only Christmas window display in the CBD, or necessarily the most popular. Queen Victoria Market’s Ambiance gift shop has one of the most intricate and impressive shop fronts in the city. “I do all the windows and that’s my favourite part, doing the displays,” said Mel Martino, who runs

Al dente at the market

By Meg Hill “My favourite part of my job is the compliment you get when you help someone and they walk away with a smile,” said Sharon Brooks, the owner of Queen Victoria Market’s (QVM) Traditional Pasta Shop. “Helping them with a product or a simple thing like telling them how to cook a product

Barbering is in the blood

By Sean Car For the manager and “head barber” of Queen Victoria Market’s (QVM’s) new barbershop Edwin Squires, hairdressing runs in the family.  It’s a theme engrained in Another Man Barber and Shop, which has recently established in one of the many bespoke shipping containers that make up the market’s funky new String Bean Alley. 

Farm gate goodness in the heart of the city

Queen Victoria Market’s (QVM) go-to man for milk, eggs and honey Luke Graczyk has been providing locals with the essentials for more than 10 years.  Market regulars would be well familiar with the Eggporium under Shed I near the corner of Queen and Therry streets with its vast range of produce from some of Australia’s

Satisfying a footy-mad town

By David Schout After Terence Port’s parents immigrated to Melbourne from South Africa, their first business move was to set up a stall at Queen Victoria Market (QVM). Combining a love of sport and an entrepreneurial spirit, they opened a shop that catered to Melbourne’s sports-loving public. And now, 39 years on, their presence at

Contrarians in coats

By Sean Car If there is one thing that David and Sally Kiper know, it’s how to produce a good coat. The couple has been in business together for 45 years and their iconic stall has become an institution at the Queen Victoria Market (QVM). And with winter now well and truly in season, there

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