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Timing is everything!

Timing is everything!

Cel Out doesn’t have an arts background and, is quick to stress, not confident with drawing. However, this does not diminish his contribution and place in Melbourne’s Street Art scene. For what he does have is a sense of humor and a strong sense of injustice. Cel Out’s work falls into the category of social


By Lorraine Ellis So sort after is his work, that glue is not a deterrent to some street art connoisseurs! He is the most stolen (successful or otherwise) artist in the country! This has forced Will to change the composition of the concrete used in the casting of his sculptures but, sadly, his work still

No rules

By Lorraine Ellis Word has it that when Heesco picked up an aerosol can for the first time his peers were awestruck, such was his skill! Since then he’s gone from strength to strength, developing his unique painting style. Originally from Mongolia, he has been in Australia for 15 years, first settling in Sydney, where

Voici Lucy

By Lorraine Ellis Lucy Lucy is a charming and stylish young women from Saint Maur, 15 minutes outside Paris.  She has been in Australia on and off for eight years, returning to France annually to catch up with family and to paint. Initially, Lucy Lucy came to Australia to study, but a fortuitous meeting with

Turning Japanese!

By Lorraine Ellis From the largest to the smallest piece of street art! This month the focus (no pun intended) is on Akemi Ito, the artist responsible for this delicate three-colour stencil that is to be found in a doorway on Duckboard Place. Using Montana 94s – a fast-drying and low pressure paint – sheets

Look up and see some art

By Lorraine Ellis Next time you’re in the famous Hosier Lane, glance up to the wall of the McDonald building and you’ll see the winning submission by Melbourne-born artist ADNATE, for the inaugural ‘PAINT UP’ project. The project, commissioned by Hosier Inc, an association of residents and those who love Hosier Lane, has been established

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