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Sugar’s work is just schweet

By Lorriane Ellis  Sugar and I began our chat discussing Hosier Lane.  Miraculously, his piece from Meeting of Styles 2016 has survived – being painted up high has given it longevity. “No-one’s really interested in painting there anymore as the place is trashed! Those who persist and are brave or foolish enough to accept the

Loretta Lizzio: romantic visionary

By Lorraine Ellis Loretta Lizzio was recently listed as one of nine “badass” female artists who are taking over the Australian street art scene. Originally from far north Queensland, her childhood in this exotic rural setting was idyllic. “Although I was always drawing and creating from early childhood, there was no support for art in

Realism and fantasy

By Lorraine Ellis, StreetsmART She’s street art’s sweetheart! Kaff-Eine is a much-loved artist with a huge following. She was originally known for her poignant, sometimes whimsical, simple black and white line drawings that celebrated the human condition. About six years ago these artworks began to appear, mostly in paste-up form, throughout the inner-city suburbs. “I’ve

Ink and aerosol

By Lorraine Ellis Steve Cross is a veteran of the graffiti/street art scene, having put up his first tag 30 years ago as a 14-year-old. A keen skate-boarder, tagging and sticker bombing became something he did as he traversed the streets of Perth. These days Steve straddles two scenes: that of tattooing and graffiti/street art. He

The Age of Innocence

By Lorraine Ellis Fine artist Julian Clavijo is the only local artist I’m aware of who’s attempted a reverse transition i.e. from the gallery wall to using the street as his canvas!  I liken him to an iceberg – with the tip being his street art participation. But there’s so much more depth to this

Keep Calm and carry on stencilling!

Calm’s paste-ups are infrequent but much anticipated. And when they do appear they pack quite a punch – with a strong message attached to them. Whilst many pieces are humourous, others indicate that the artist has a political and environmental conscience, with a strong sense of injustice. He gives voice to sentiments that many of

Júlia Both: a jewel in the urban landscape 

Júlia Both, although she has contributed to many collaborations, doesn’t consider herself a street artist, but as an artist/illustrator who occasionally works in public.  This vivacious and talented young woman of Brazilian decent, has lived in Australia for seven years. She studied visual communication and design in Brisbane but love and the compatibility of their

They’re on a roll!

This month, we showcase Shaun Hossack and his street art management agency, Juddy Roller. Shaun is the creative director of this Fitzroy-based company that he established about six years ago. Walls commissioned through Juddy Roller can be seen around Melbourne and regional Victoria. In fact, the agency’s reach is nation-wide, with pieces recently completed in

Skills to pay the bills

On sitting down to chat with Jess (aka 23rd Key) I had to confess that, although I was aware of her work, I knew little about her. So I was embarrassed to find out that this passionate, energetic and multi-talented stencil artist, has twice and justifiably so, won The Australian Stencil Art Prize – in

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