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Creative isolation

Creative isolation

By Adrian Doyle As we keep the city locked down Melbourne is slowly dying. As we wait for inevitable tsunami of COVID to spread across the country, further damaging Melbourne and its creativity, the creatives of Melbourne are really struggling with loss of work, and subsequent financial worries, making life hard.  Money worries are hard,

Melbourne’s creative “do-over”

By Adrian Doyle So, all these shops in the city have closed. And now there are whole sections of the CBD up for lease. As COVID does its best to slowly suck the creative soul out of Melbourne, I have been thinking what it could mean for Melbourne.  In the late ‘90s and early 2000s

The reflection of an augmented city

By Adrian Doyle There was a time when talking to yourself in public meant that you were crazy. Now when I’m at the lights or on a tram it seems normal.  That’s because of mobiles and the way people have no boundaries with the lengths that they go to, to stay connected or disconnected, depending

New mural for Melbourne

By Adrian Doyle As the planet completes another rotation of the sun, and things really ramp up in 2021 I hope all readers had a fun and somewhat normal holiday.  Last year was interesting; it was a seriously good time for artists to lock themselves in their studio and create art in a COVID-induced stupor.

Deck the walls with awesome art

By Adrian Doyle Hosier Lane has seen some hard times in the past few years, with the opening of Culture Kings and much of the street art being destroyed by tags and bad art. When the art school kids hit the lane with fire extinguishers filled with paint earlier this year, they did the lane

Cultural city

By Adrian Doyle In the 1990s Melbourne was a very different city. Most people used the city only for work. On the weekends and evenings, the city was empty. Melbourne was still for filling the prophecy of Collins St, 5pm by John Brack.  This left plentiful large, cheap and awesome spaces for studios, galleries and

Artists in isolation

By Adrian Doyle – Blender Studios As Melbourne is moving towards the end of lockdown 4, all the artists in Melbourne have been forced to stay at home. And all the studios have been closed.  Artists are already at risk of poverty, mental health issues and loneliness. Locking them up and taking away the studio

The stains of time

By Adrian Doyle – Blender Studios Whether it’s the sound of the trams rattling down the road or the endless rows of amazing and fascinating restaurants that both delight and challenge the taste buds, there are many things that make Melbourne great.  The way multiculturalism makes the city even greater and how Melbournians run to

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