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Vertical homework

By Dr Janette Corcoran Staying home has meant learning new work-ways – but what now might be expected of our apartment buildings?  September saw the release of the Productivity Commission’s Working from homeresearch paper, which investigated how working from home (WFH) might impact Australia’s economy and individuals’ income, employment and wellbeing.  Described as a “forced

Vertical village strategic futures

By Dr Janette Corcoran As from December 1, 2021, owners’ corporations (OCs) with 50 or more lots must have an approved and funded maintenance plan – but is this sufficient for vertical village planning? Many vertical villages in the City of Melbourne have long had maintenance plans, which identified major capital items due for repair

Women’s public safety in vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran The dangers lurking in public places are told to women from a young age. The advice is that these risks should be managed by adapting behaviour and/or restricting engagement accordingly.  But what if these public spaces are part of our “home”? For vertical villages, this can mean both outside and inside our complexes.

Modern slavery and vertical villages

By Dr Janette Corcoran The nature of modern slavery is that it hides in our plain sight. When speaking of slavery, often images of chained labour-gangs or back street sweatshops come to mind – images with little apparent relevance to our nice vertical villages. But according to The Australian Human Rights Commission “it is the

The Wild West of OC elections

By Dr Janette Corcoran Owners’ corporations (OCs) are often referred to as a fourth tier of government – and our elections are just as political!  Upon purchasing your apartment, as a lot owner, you automatically become part of your OC.  But to join the committee, the key decision-making group for your building, you must be

Looking back to look forward

By Dr Janette Corcoran While our high-rise precincts are new, Melbourne has a long history of apartment living. According to Charles Pickett, Melbourne saw its first purpose-built apartment building – a “walk-up” – around 1900. This was soon followed by our first high-rise. This was The Astor and it was constructed in 1920 and was

Vertical village energy consumption

By Dr Janette Corcoran The Victorian Government has announced $797 million for energy improvements – how much of this might our energy-hungry vertical villages access? Our vertical villages are considered “expensive energy guzzlers”. In particular, our common areas are accused of comprising – or exceeding – 20 per cent of our building’s total administrative fees

Skilling owners’ corporations

By Dr Janette Corcoran It was precisely six years ago in the 2014 November edition of Docklands News that an article appeared on “Owners’ corporation groups sprouting”. Three new groups were identified as supporting the particular needs of Victorian owners’ corporations (OCs).  First listed was Owners’ Corporation Network Victoria (OCNV), which was headed by the

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