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Vertical dwelling is now mainstream

By Janette Corcoran, Apartment Living Expert In Australia, the past three years have seen high-rise residential apartments (ie builds greater than nine stories) comprise 32 per cent of all new dwellings.   This change is well-evidenced in our major cities with the City of Sydney now having more than 80 per cent of its residents

The vertical commons

By Janette Corcoran Communal infrastructure brings people together and, by promoting a culture of reciprocity, can reduce waste – but what model might suit our vertical neighbourhoods?  Australians are well used to portrayals of our remote outback towns being self-sufficient. With a stereotypical hands-on approach, we have become used to seeing these communities ban together

Neighbourhood Watch for vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran With our high-rise precincts already well monitored, do our vertical villages need more watching? Following the 2017 Bourke St incident, the state government expanded its CCTV network, bringing to 65 the number of CCTV surveillance cameras installed throughout the city. These cameras feed into the City of Melbourne’s Safe City network and

Vertical living style

By Janette Corcoran Our apartment layouts might be uniform, but our interiors need not be!  Advice abounds about how we, vertical villagers, can decorate our small spaces.  We are advised to delineate areas, go vertical with storage, choose a light colour palette (or alternatively) go bold, add layers for depth – and most important of

Vertical village voting

By Janette Corcoran Apartment living expert Vertical villagers’ voices might now be better heard, but voting remains vexed.  The key, we are told, to growing our sense of vertical village community lies with our willingness to participate – both inside and outside our residences. Current wisdom holds that we should keep ourselves informed about our

Sharing our vertical commons

By Janette Corcoran Common property is a defining feature of vertical villages – but how widely are we expected to share?  At last month’s Melbourne Knowledge Week, a panel came together to discuss re-thinking high-density residential design.  This panel was led by Dr Isun Kazerani and Dr Kirsten Day, experts from community planning, who were

High-density cycling

By Janette Corcoran – Apartment living expert The City of Melbourne’s Transport Strategy discussion paper is open for comment – but how might a bike-filled future suit our vertical villages? We are reminded that “When people choose to ride, they reduce emissions, noise, congestion and free up public transport capacity.” Added to this are the

Vertical village parcel delivery

Mail types and volume have changed but how are our mailrooms coping?  Recent years have seen a rapid decline in the number of letters delivered to our vertical villages, while the amount of sent parcels has soared.  This change is inline with the national shift towards parcel delivery as Australians continue their love affair with

Future-proofing vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran  Are our vertical villages becoming obsolete? Anticipating forthcoming trends and developing ways to minimise their shocks while maximising their benefits is a process called future-proofing. Widely used in industries such as industrial design, electronics and climate change, future-proofing techniques have also been applied to historic buildings to help direct major refurbishments.  

Energy vulnerable vertical villages?

Energy is the bedrock of modern life but are we high-risers too exposed? Our vertical villages stand already accused of energy guzzling with claims that apartment living can consume 25 per cent more energy than detached dwelling living.  A large percentage of this goes to our dependence on air conditioning due to our floor to

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