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Finally, vertical villages are on government’s radar – but is the focus right?

By Dr Janette Corcoran Mention was made in last month’s column of a COVID-19 silver lining, especially that high-rise living was being recognised as a distinct and increasingly mainstream way of living. And, over the past month, there has been a flurry of activity around high-rise apartment living. This started with the Docklands Representative Group’s

Coming out of COVID-19 with a silver lining

By Dr Janette Corcoran With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions there may be a greater recognition of vertical living challenges!   In this column I previously wrote about the particular challenges faced by vertical villages dealing with COVID-19, chief among which were: Interpreting public health orders: whose responsibility is it to enforce? Promoting safety and

A concierge’s perspective on vertical living

By Dr Janette Corcoran Many vertical villages count their concierge as among their most valued feature, but how do these “keepers of the keys” view our vertical lifestyle? Often the first person encountered when starting your vertical living journey is the building concierge.  It was for me.  And I really liked the idea that I

OC support in a time of COVID-19 – a tale of two cities …

By Dr Janette Corcoran Wuhan, London and New York – these are among the cities hardest hit by COVID-19 – and all feature high-rise living.   Living in close proximity in this time of social-distancing would not seem ideal.  Our regular exposure to high-touch areas (such as lift buttons), our use of shared facilities (such

Vertical villages – an owners’ corporation manager’s view

By Janette Corcoran Our vertical villages employ a host of workers – concierges, window washers, gardeners – but when it comes to the owners’ corporation (OC) manager, some of us are less clear about their role, often asking “what’s the difference between an OC manager and a building manager?”  OC managers play a distinct role

Vertical living views – an agent’s perspective

By Janette Corcoran – apartment living expert, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for” – John Lubbock. And what we look for in vertical villages is largely related to the role we play in the vertical living sector – developer, building manager, resident, investor, contractor, committee member or concierge – meaning that

Vertical dwelling is now mainstream

By Janette Corcoran, Apartment Living Expert In Australia, the past three years have seen high-rise residential apartments (ie builds greater than nine stories) comprise 32 per cent of all new dwellings.   This change is well-evidenced in our major cities with the City of Sydney now having more than 80 per cent of its residents

The vertical commons

By Janette Corcoran Communal infrastructure brings people together and, by promoting a culture of reciprocity, can reduce waste – but what model might suit our vertical neighbourhoods?  Australians are well used to portrayals of our remote outback towns being self-sufficient. With a stereotypical hands-on approach, we have become used to seeing these communities ban together

Neighbourhood Watch for vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran With our high-rise precincts already well monitored, do our vertical villages need more watching? Following the 2017 Bourke St incident, the state government expanded its CCTV network, bringing to 65 the number of CCTV surveillance cameras installed throughout the city. These cameras feed into the City of Melbourne’s Safe City network and

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