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Time for a new vision

By Major Brendan Nottle As the new parklets begin to appear around the CBD, the City of Melbourne and state government are to be congratulated on acting creatively and nimbly in implementing new ideas to help return the city to normal. We’ve seen Paul Guerra, the CEO of Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI)

A year of surprises

By Major Brendan Nottle Well, 2020 has certainly tossed all certainty out the window and the year has become one giant surprise after another.  Before COVID-19 struck, our café, based on Bourke St and designed to cater for the most vulnerable of the city, was seeing more than 500 people each day, 22 hours per

Friendship in times of need

By Major Brendan Nottle “I’m actually not scared about becoming sick with COVID-19 or even dying. What terrifies me is the thought of being locked inside my home with no connection to any other human being.”  This was the statement Cathy* blurted out on Bourke St amid uncontrollable crying. Cathy’s concern is not unique. Rather,


By Major Brendan Nottle It only happens to the lazy. It only happens to the drug addled. It only happens to those that can only be described as a burden on society. For many years, these views were held by many that I know, ashamedly, I admit, by myself. It wasn’t until I stopped passing

Putting the relationship first

By Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle The massive crack of thunder and the blindingly bright flashes of lightening smashed the darkness in my bedroom to smithereens and snapped me from my slumber at 3am in the morning.  But the one thing that kept me awake for the rest of the night was the image of

Supporting our most vulnerable

By Major Brendan Nottle – Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army Melbourne – Project 614 The Salvation Army Melbourne has been operating a café, 22 hours a day, seven days a week, from its Bourke St premises. We were seeing over 500 people through the café each day. Many were homeless, others were at risk

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