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Unintended consequences

By Major Brendan Nottle My grandmother was quite elderly when I was young, so my memories of her are vague, apart from two enduring and detailed recollections involving her. The first was whenever she prepared lunch for us, it was always the same gastronomic delight – white bread smothered with dripping. It’s a wonder I

A relationship first model of care

By Brendan Nottle – Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army Melbourne – Project 614 “You just need to stop feeding the homeless. Just stop now. Close it down.” This was the comment made by a prominent City of Melbourne resident to our cleaner two weeks ago.   Let me give you some context. The local resident was upset because he

Lock them out, lock them up or lock them in?

By Major Brendan Nottle It has been really interesting hearing the increased anger and frustration in the conversations that I have been having with people around the city in recent times. Some people are claiming that the current plight of the city or their business is solely due to the presence of rough sleepers and

Magnificent Melburnians

By Major Brendan Nottle – Salvation Army Lockdowns have had a profound impact on so many people right across the city. But as I write, I continue to be deeply moved by the ways in which some people have responded. Cargo restaurant in Docklands, like so many restaurants and cafes across our city, had their staff

A COVID-19 recovery for ALL

By Brendan Nottle – Salvation Army There has been a lot of fervent debate about whether a safe injecting room should be located in the heart of our city. There has also been much conjecture about where it should be located.   There is a strong suggestion about it being located on Flinders St near Elizabeth St. The

Here’s to the invisible ones!

By Brendan Nottle It started with ones and twos, which eventually became a trickle. Within a few days, it had become a human deluge.  They were people, many young, some attempting to support their families, many just trying to survive, who had been suddenly stood down at the beginning of lockdown 4.0. Many of them worked

Helping our fellow humans

By Major Brendan Nottle Beneath the City of Melbourne FOMO ads and the public decorations from various quarters that, “The city is back, baby!”, the pain and scars caused by the ravaging of COVID-19 remains highly visible.   One in every four shopfronts in the CBD remains vacant. Foot traffic is, at best, spasmodic and mainstream media

The time for waiting is over

By Brendan Nottle – Salvation Army It is fair to say that nothing in our work in the City of Melbourne is predictable. However, one recent day will stand out in my mind for some time to come. It started with an orange ferret, standing upright on its hind legs at the top end of Bourke

Limitations of the bureaucratic box

By Major Brendan Nottle There have been enormous lessons for many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the big learnings for me has been how important centralised leadership is during a global health crisis.  How many times did we hear the messaging, “Wash your hands regularly. Sanitise. Mask up. Socially distance. If you feel unwell get tested

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