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Participatory democracy – Future Melbourne Plan 2026

Imagine Melbourne in 2026 – what do you see? Are we at the stage of flying cars and do the buildings look like something out of Blade Runner?  How many people are on the streets and what do the streets look like? Are they wet and dark with mounds of garbage everywhere and are people

What can we do about homelessness? ….

This is a complex issue. This article is meant to provide an overview.   As residents of Melbourne’s CBD we do not want to see people sleeping rough and begging as shown in the photo taken in Collins St late in the afternoon. Not 10 metres away was a regular beggar who takes up the

What if there was another way?

By John Dall’Amico The Melbourne Metro Rail project, when completed, will transform the way that we move around the city of Melbourne and beyond. Travelling will be easier, faster once the proposed rail network is finished in 2026.  The Metro Rail Authority proposes to take over our City Square to construct the CBD South station

Noise, noise, noise – how to solve ….

You live in the city? There is going to be noise but you can cope.   The city buzzes with life. It is noisy but it is an active, alive noise.  It is people doing things.  Travelling on trams, digging up the road, constructing a building, fighting a fire, saving a life … This is

Snap Send Solve – the app for incident reporting explained

All it takes is a keen eye, a little caring and a smart phone. President John F Kennedy, in his famous inaugural address on January 20, 1961, said: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” As a resident or

Why should I join Residents 3000?

If you live in Melbourne’s vibrant CBD and you would like to feel part of a “big village” community, then become a member of Residents 3000.   The “3000” comes from the CBD’s postcode.  The association started back in 1992 when no one thought it cool to actually live in the CBD.  That was a

Solar power in the city

Investing in solar is a major trend with one in seven home owners across the country installing solar panels on their roof to save on power bills and at the same time “save the planet” by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   Residents 3000 members, whilst wanting to play their part in ensuring an energy intelligent

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