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Will online dominate retail after COVID-19?

Will online dominate retail after COVID-19?

By Sue Saunders – Residents 3000 You have heard the expression “I need some retail therapy.”  Right now, approaching the end of lockdown, is that how you feel? After a long lockdown with the city shops disappearing entirely or wrapped in mothballs with windows blanked off or showing empty shelves, are you longing to be

Activating community participation in the City of Melbourne

By Dr Stan Capp The recently legislated Local Government Act 2020 requires councils to adhere to the principles of community engagement and adopt “deliberative engagement practices”.   In essence, this means that arrangements need to be put into place that enable the community to participate in key decision-making processes and that these become the norm

Brightening up our city

By Toni Magor – Residents 3000 My childhood was spent (centuries ago), on a property in the far west of Victoria without television.  My mother was a teacher and had lots of fascinating and inspiring books about art and artists. When I wasn’t outside, I was reading or drawing and despite life and my career

Living food boxes for those in need

By Sherry Maddock If this pandemic is teaching us anything, it is demonstrating the importance of relationships – to each other, to place and neighbour, and to food and plants.   It turns out that despite drastic measures of social distancing and circumstances of scarcity, goodness emerges in unexpected ways.   Funded by a City

When the going gets tough …

By Susan Saunders City residents get going. The online world is buzzing in the time of COVID-19 as humans do what they do well. Innovate. Collaborate. We residents live in a beautiful city. Have you noticed that Father Autumn does not know about the virus? April and May often show Melbourne’s weather at its best

In the time of COVID-19 ….

By Sue Saunders If the restrictions go on for a long time, will our way of living change? Life disrupted with staying at home, social distancing, constant hand washing, no public gatherings and probably an unconscious worry “am I to be the next poor victim?”  However, the population in general has become acutely aware of

What did Rafael say to Sally?

Br Susan Saunders Residents 3000 president Rafael Camillo was recently invited to have morning coffee with the Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp. Sally’s mission requires that she listens to the people who live, work and play in Melbourne’s CBD.  Rafael represents the residents of the CBD (postcode 3000) and is constantly listening to residents’

The air we breathe

By Janette Corcoran The catastrophic fires this summer brought days of high air pollution to Melbourne and a heightened awareness of the effects of climate change. How are CBD residents to respond? At the time, a friend suggested I use an app called Air Visual. It now sits right next to the weather app on

Melbourne City Baths

By Toni Magor – Residents3000 Committee, On a cool Spring day, I’m standing at the side of the pool scanning the water and I get a feeling of contentment that I can’t remember having in any of my many former jobs.  I watch the lap swimmers powering down the lanes, the beginners wallowing and splashing

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