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Zero emissions vehicles

Zero emissions vehicles

By Dr Sue Saunders – Vice President Have you noticed that the air is clearer with less vehicle movements under COVID lockdown? Right now, we are experiencing a little of what it would be like if a high percentage of vehicles had zero emissions. This article draws some of its material from a January 2021

Somewhere over the rainbow …

By Dr Sue Saunders – Vice President City residents tired of lockdown need to look ahead. Spring is on its way and with it, the thought of winning the COVID battle – one day soon. In the meantime, there is lots to do. Become productive at home. Why not engage in a decluttering exercise? One

Healthy life in the CBD

By Sue Saunders – Vice President How do people keep healthy and fit when they reside in Melbourne’s CBD or near surrounds? You might think that people who live in the suburbs or out in the country with its wide-open spaces and fresh air would surely be a fitter, healthier population than people living in

Making Melbourne child-friendlier

By Dan Ong When north-sider Deanne and her south-sider partner made peace by moving into their CBD loft-conversion, raising a child in an apartment among the alleyways hadn’t yet crossed their mind.  Ten years later, you’ll often find Deanne kicking a ball in a local laneway with her seven-year-old son, Florian. Families like hers play

Walking the path to a better neighbourhood

By Dan OngPhotography by Geoff Maddock Walking. It was one of the simplest and most joyful pleasures that many of us enjoyed during even the hardest moments of lockdown.  For that one hour each day, the fleet-footed among us chose to run. Others joined the packs of two-wheeled enthusiasts on our upgraded bike paths. However,

How building community can help revitalise our CBD

By Dr Rita Ellul and Dan Ong 2022 will be the 30th anniversary of Postcode 3000, the 1992 planning policy that successfully brought population and, therefore, vibrant life back to a dying Melbourne city centre.  The policy encouraged imaginative residential development and the promise of a sophisticated, inner-city lifestyle. Alongside the apartments, bars, restaurants and

Playground for doggies

By Sue Saunders Off-leash areas, badly-needed in parks within the CBD, could have a dual role. Last year, CBD News wrote about “Flagstaff Dog Pawrents” who are petitioning for more fenced off-leash areas in parks close to the Hoddle Grid.    There are a lot of counter arguments to such a proposal. People, who usually

2021 here we come! How well do you know your city?

By Sue Saunders Residents joining together to share city delights while walking, jogging and “plogging”. Did you discover secrets that lie beyond the impressive skyline? Possibly during lockdown, you may have been one of those persons who, for necessary exercise and relief from being cooped up at home, took to walking around the streets of

Residents to the rescue!

By Sue Saunders In last month’s CBD News, readers were reminded of the Postcode 3000 campaign. Did you know that in the same year, 1992, our community group, Residents 3000 Inc. was born?  Postcode 3000 was a bold initiative for city planners. Melbourne city, in those days, was just a workplace that died after 6pm. Along

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