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Writing from China

Writing from China

By Susan Saunders This month your correspondent is travelling as a tourist in China.  It is impossible not to draw comparisons between how the Chinese organise their society compared to ours.  China is a country as large as Australia but without the vast deserts that we have. One is constantly aware of the pressure that

Augmenting your reality in Flinders Quarter

By Susan Saunders Just in case you didn’t know, the Flinders Quarter in Melbourne’s CBD, is the area bordered by Collins, Flinders, Elizabeth and Swanston streets.   The precinct is famous for its street art, cosy laneways and arcades, eclectic small businesses and heritage buildings. It is a special part of the city loved by

City gardens, trees and street trees

By Susan Saunders The City of Melbourne has developed several well thought out policies to progressively ensure our city becomes greener. But can there be a better way to improve the fate of street trees? You may recall that Victoria was referred to as “The Garden State”. In fact, previous Victorian licence plates proudly displayed

How to keep healthy in the city

By Susan Saunders – Residents 3000 People talk about the air pollution, the noise and the stress associated with the hustle and bustle of city life. But is this necessarily bad for your health? City living does not have to detract from good health. One of Residents 3000’s sponsors, Kieser (pronounced Kee-ser) is at the

2026 Vision for the CBD

By Susan Saunders – Vice President Google “Future Melbourne” and you will find information about City of Melbourne’s vision for 2026 created in 2016.  Think of the great cities of the world.  Paris, New York, Singapore, Venice, San Francisco and many others.  Where does Melbourne fit among these?  In the late 1800s our city was

Residents connect with local business 

Residents 3000’s motto is to “Connect, Inform and Support”.  The last regular monthly event was turned into a marketplace where residents were able to connect with some City of Melbourne (CoM) agencies and Melbourne’s wonderful small businesses that contribute a special something to life in the city.  The event, held at the Kelvin Club in

Another side of homelessness

The complex issue of what to do to relieve homelessness in the city is high on Residents 3000 members’ list of concerns.   While most love the vibrant city life there are some aspects that need a continuing community effort to achieve and maintain a high standard of livability for all.  Long-term residents of the

How to reduce our use of plastic bags

A simple internet search will bring up countless articles on the detrimental impact of plastic bags on the environment. Here are some tips to help relieve the problem. Plastic bags are light and fly about.  They tend to end up in landfill, in water ways, in the ocean and they block drains in cities.  Evidently,

City life has surprising upsides

Here is what Chris Murphy has to say about his relocation to the city.   (Chris is a new Residents 3000 committee member.) “After almost 40 years of commuting into the CBD for study and work, my wife and I took the plunge and moved into the Melbourne CBD. Our children had all grown up

Love makes the world go around!

By Susan Saunders On Saturday, November 17 at 6pm, Rafael Camillo (our president) and Adam Velcek were married. What a wonderful occasion for this young couple who have been together for 10 years before the big event! Just 12 months ago when Australia voted “yes” for same sex marriage, that same day, when these two

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