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Melbourne’s CBD hit for six due to COVID-19

Melbourne’s CBD hit for six due to COVID-19

By Scott McElroy – Belle Property While the impacts of COVID-19 have been well documented, particularly on the likes of the hospitality industry in the city, the impacts being felt by landlords with investment properties have also been dramatic, yet they have not received the same level of press coverage.  The numbers are startling to

Will this market oversupply be different?

By Grant Müller Dire warnings of a price correction in the Melbourne CBD apartment market fail to take into account the extraordinary changes in both the developer and buyer profiles. Hocking Stuart director Scott McElroy said the last apartment oversupply in the early 2000s was controlled by local developers and funded by local banks which

Beware of the spec buyers

Watch out for speculative buyers who are starting to move into the Melbourne CBD apartment market, is the word of caution from Hocking Stuart CBD director Scott McElroy. He said the CBD market could now be divided into three categories – spec, invest or owner occupy – and the emergence of speculative buyers added an edge

Northern apartment buying

By Grant Müller Watch out for the neighbours in Melbourne’s CBD North apartment or they could be watching you – from a very close range. Melbourne’s “uni belt” apartment market is about to be hit by a wave of new development with eight new towers in a 500 metre radius of Franklin and Elizabeth streets with

Should I buy off the plan or established?

By Grant Muller Melbourne’s booming house prices are making the CBD apartment market (and lifestyle) look more attractive every day – but are the looks deceiving? For about $500,000 you can secure a fine two-bedroom apartment in the city – and all the benefits that go with it. However, increasingly dire calls on the state

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