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Ready for reopening

Ready for reopening

While things may have felt quiet on the streets during previous months, at City Precinct, we have been busily working behind the scenes to continue to develop projects that will help support our local community and see the city thrive once again.  Following on from the success of Laneways and Gift Ideas: A Christmas Walking

The Collins Street Precinct looks to a brighter future

Collins Street Precinct  After numerous government-imposed lockdowns and ongoing restrictions, the Collins Street Precinct looks ahead to a brighter future and continues to actively plan for the year ahead.   While it’s undeniable that the past 18 months have been hard on all Victorians, the Collins Street Precinct continues to actively support its members and looks ahead at how to drive foot traffic to the

Explore the Greek Precinct

Greek migrants significantly helped shape Melbourne into Australia’s cultural hub.  Between Swanston and Russell streets in the CBD, there is a concentration of Greek restaurants and shops. This is known as Melbourne’s Greek Precinct.  The precinct is reflective of Melbourne having the largest population of Greeks outside of Greece. The precinct originally came to life

Your City Precinct

By Hayley Haynes – executive officer, City Precinct As Autumn begins to settle in, at City Precinct we are feeling positive about the beginning of a new cycle. As people start to return to the city, we are ready and waiting with open doors and full sanitiser pumps! City Precinct is a small business collective

Life returning to Collins St

It’s a pleasing moment to walk through the Collins Street Precinct and see busy retail stores and restaurants filled with people.  As Melbourne emerges from a long-protracted series of lockdowns, the Collins Street Precinct is once again demonstrating its place as one of Australia’s premier destinations.  Following the back-to-work announcements, many Melbournians are returning to

Chinese New Year a beacon for Chinatown Precinct

By Jess Carrascalao Heard It was 11am on a Friday, and the president and vice president of the Chinatown Precinct Association, Danny Doon and Eng Lim, had just ushered me into one of the precinct’s food courts to have a chat. The year has started slowly, with a quiet post-lockdown world made even quieter during

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