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Teddy the Jack Russell with owner, Debbie

A total ladies man

A total ladies man

By Rhianna Busler Teddy the 12-year-old Jack Russell is a “total ladies man”, says owner Debbie.  The small pup is the perfect fit for an apartment lifestyle. He’s very chilled out and loves to relax on his own personal couch at home. “My husband has owned Teddy nearly all his life so he’s very much

Living the high life

Fifteen-year-old Maltese shih tzu cross Jessie just loves the high life that the CBD offers. According to her owner Anne Rogers, Jessie doesn’t miss the suburban back yard that was previously a big part of her life. “The city is just so exciting.  We all love it here,” Anne said. Jessie, Anne and husband Barry

A little dog with a mind of her own

By Mindy Gill It’s a crisp and damp winter day but I’ve been watching petite one-year-old Flossy drag her raincoat-clad owner across the footpaths and muddy garden beds of Carlton Gardens. The Maltese shih tzu-cross has loads of personality, growling at me with bared teeth until Pamela scoops her up into her arms and soothes

The accidental spread of joy

By Evan Garnes On a sunny day in Flagstaff Gardens, we came across 18-month-year-old Maruko and her owner Kitman Ho. The samoyed was extra eager to get into the park and make new friends, but stopped briefly to say hello. “She is always ready to run up to people to give them a friendly hello

Retired racers lap up the luxury

It’s fair to say that Temple Court resident Joanne Biddles has a thing for greyhounds. Joanne has two “adopted” former racing dogs and, when CBD News caught up with her, she had some neighbours’ greyhounds in tow too. Her dogs are (right) four-year-old Burnley Biddles and (middle) 10-year-old Pepper Biddles.  On the left is five-year-old

Reasons to be cheerful

By Eva Garnes Kimba and Willow, together with owner Sigrid de Castella, bring joy to the older generation in the CBD, as well as entertaining tourists and locals alike. The two West Highland White Terriers regularly visit the nursery and dementia wards at Mercy Place as part of the pet therapy program. “We are just

Chareli’s Angel

By Katie Wong Hoy This Maltese Cross Shih Tzu is Chareli’s Angel. Escaping the hustle and bustle in Melbourne’s CBD, Chareli Seet and her dog Wira enjoy a quiet afternoon at Flagstaff Gardens. Wira is a three-year-old Maltese Cross Shih Tzu that captured Chareli’s heart on the website Gumtree. “I just wanted a dog and

The ‘Russian Hippo’

By Sarah Price Flinders Street Station is full of people in a constant rush to go somewhere, however Lex and his four-month-old American Staffy puppy Behemoth blissfully walk along the station taking their time. Lex and Behemoth live in the city and are out exploring Melbourne every day.  They especially love meeting other dogs and

The puppy bunch

Amy Szuszkiewicz is a mother of two and considers her American Staffordshire terrier, Sookie another child. “My children are all roughly the same age as her so they’re growing up together. She’s my third baby,” she said. 15-month-old Sookie joined Amy’s young family when her eldest son saw her and exclaimed, “My Sookie!” Amy knew

Tourist guides: a walk in the park

Roger Hersey 65 Toy Poodles: Bacci, 10 (grey) & Enzo, 8 (black) Roger Hersey, 65, and his two toy poodles Enzo and Bacci love wandering the Flagstaff Gardens in the the summer heat. Joining many fellow Melburnians, Roger and the two poodles are busy showing their friend Vincent, who is visiting from Adelaide, what Melbourne

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