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Friendly dogs call Flagstaff Gardens home

Friendly dogs call Flagstaff Gardens home

By Meg Hill Astor and Spencer hit the jackpot when they befriended Flagstaff Gardens gardener and resident John.  The two dogs get to lounge around in the sun while John works in the picturesque CBD park that surrounds his home. John, who lives in a cosy caretaker’s house, has owned seven-year-old shitzu/poodle Astor since “he

Friendship ambassador in Flagstaff Garden – the girl Gir

By Melissa Chung Gir, an eight-year-old Malti-Pug from Footscray, has been spending a great deal of quality time with flatmate Zoe. English-born Zoe has been living with Gir for more than a year. Since Zoe is soon returning to England, she decided to quit her job and spend more time with Gir. “We love to

Well-trained CBD dogs frequent the office  

By Monisha Iswaran Long-time dog owner Anna has her dogs so well trained that they attend work with her regularly, causing no trouble at all.  Morgan, a nine-year-old Labradoodle and Radcliffe, a six-year-old spoodle, have been coming to their owner’s CBD office daily as of late, while she is having work done to her house.

CBD’s favourite office pet 

By Nadia Dimattina  Take-your-dog-to-work-day is part of everyday lifestyle for city goer and pet owner, Paul Clayton. Abbey, a nine-year-old Shiba Inu may not live in the city but gets to experience city life by commuting to the CBD each day. Abbey’s companion, Paul takes her to work where she gets a lot of attention

Pup needs more play space

By Nadia Dimattina  LeeLeu, the six-month-old Jack Russell only wants to play but is restricted by living indoors. LeeLeu’s owner, Sandra Sierra, moved to Australia from Columbia three years ago. She believes that living in an apartment is difficult for her playful pup. “I think its hard living in an apartment with such a small

Living the high life

Fifteen-year-old Maltese shih tzu cross Jessie just loves the high life that the CBD offers. According to her owner Anne Rogers, Jessie doesn’t miss the suburban back yard that was previously a big part of her life. “The city is just so exciting.  We all love it here,” Anne said. Jessie, Anne and husband Barry

A little dog with a mind of her own

By Mindy Gill It’s a crisp and damp winter day but I’ve been watching petite one-year-old Flossy drag her raincoat-clad owner across the footpaths and muddy garden beds of Carlton Gardens. The Maltese shih tzu-cross has loads of personality, growling at me with bared teeth until Pamela scoops her up into her arms and soothes

The accidental spread of joy

By Evan Garnes On a sunny day in Flagstaff Gardens, we came across 18-month-year-old Maruko and her owner Kitman Ho. The samoyed was extra eager to get into the park and make new friends, but stopped briefly to say hello. “She is always ready to run up to people to give them a friendly hello

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