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Puppy Love

Puppy Love

By Niccola Anthony Dexter, a two-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua, has stolen the heart of his older (human) sister Victoria. Victoria, who studies marketing at RMIT and lives in the city away from her family, eagerly awaits every visit from her mum as she knows she’ll also have a chance to cuddle her precious Dexter. While it

Max-imum entertainment

By Niccola Anthony Max, a 10-year-old beagle shar pei cross, was recently rescued by CBD resident Jane Lee, 23. Jane, a history student at the University of Melbourne, was searching for a rescue dog to provide companionship in her apartment located across from the Queen Victoria Market. Jane consulted Forever Friends Animal Rescue, a volunteer-run

Meet Tiger, the Thai cocker spaniel

By Victoria Damos Siwakarn walks her cocker spaniel Tiger in the Flagstaff Gardens nearly every day. Siwakarn is of Thai descent and has only been living in Melbourne for four years. She purchased Tiger when he was only eight weeks old from a breeder who lives one hour outside of the CBD. Since that day,

A royal couple 

By Kathryn Lewis Janni and Sofia walk their two Jack Russell pups twice a day near their CBD home.  Janni said walking the dogs was their escape from the bustle of the city. “This is our breathing space,” she said. 11-year-old Prince Phillip and seven-year-old Angel are both rescue dogs from the Jack Russell Rescue

Totally connected

By Kathryn Lewis  Michael Skubevski and his Border Collie, South Paw, are about as close as an owner and pet can get.  Wandering through Flagstaff Gardens, South Paw does not appear to have an owner. The lead in Mr Skubevski’s hand is the only giveaway of where he belongs. But the pair does everything together,

Double trouble in harness

By Kathryn Lewis  Kathy Sun and her partner Brendan Lee have been regulars at Flagstaff Gardens for a couple of years since they got Bubble, their Japanese Spitz.  Today they had two energetic pups on their hands as they were also looking after their friend’s Poodle / Cocker Spaniel cross, Oreo. The two dogs were

A pugtastic birthday gift 

By Medha Vernekar  Last November, Anthony Soon decided to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday with a spirited black purebred pug who they lovingly named Pugsley.  Mr Soon, who is a recent international business and economics graduate from Deakin University, recalls the moment he revealed Pugsley to his girlfriend who has always wished for a

From show dog to city gal 

By Medha Vernekar  Ruby, a 10-month-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi, takes a break from the spotlight as a former show dog to stroll around the Flagstaff Gardens with her owner Lynda Clark.  Ms Clark, who has been living in West Melbourne for two years now, adopted Ruby last October with her husband from a show dog

Dog-sitting in the CBD

By Shantelle-Ann Marquis Pepe is a one-year-old Cavoodle, a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross. “Pepe is actually my neighbour Andrew’s dog. Andrew has gone to South East Asia for a few weeks and I have been taking care of Pepe,”  Sharon Wong said. Ms Wong is an art conservator from West Melbourne and

Big love for a big pet 

By David Amaya Zoe Sonnenberg wanted a small pet but three months ago she fell in love with a huge dog that now takes over half of her bed.  Although CBD resident Ms Sonnenberg shares her house with two other people, the size of Gertrude is not a matter for discussion. If someone wants to

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