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A Nugget of fun

A Nugget of fun

By Emma Hartley One-year-old mini dachshund Nugget provided a much-needed burst of happiness for Mimi Cao last year. “She’s a COVID puppy,” Ms Cao said. “She’s definitely brought a lot of happiness during COVID. She helped us release anxiety – she’s a very lovely girl.”  A few lockdowns later and Nugget has finally been able

Moving from surf to new turf

By Emma Hartley CBD local Zack has brought a new face to Flagstaff Gardens – little pugapoodle Winnie.  Winnie has recently moved from Port Melbourne where the shoreline provided the daily walking spot. “We lived near the beach and she loved it,” Zack said. “She can swim, but only in the shallows. She does enjoy

City living is a walk in the park

By Matt Harvey Sebastian has been forming a growing bond during the past seven to eight months as his relationship blossoms with his partner’s golden retriever, April. Sebastian said April was a big walker and loved going for lengthy walks every day.  “I’ll take her for a walk every day, if not in the park

Disco dog!

By John Tadigiri “He’s very cheeky” is the first thing owner Teagan said of three-year-old Japanese Spitz Disco, when CBD News met her on Bourke St in April.  Disco takes every chance to go out for a walk with Teagan, or her partner Jack, who live in an apartment in the CBD.  According to Teagan,

Office heroes chew the fat at Flagstaff

By Spencer Fowler Steen It’s not often you get a two-for-one dog deal at Flagstaff gardens! CBD News was lucky enough to meet a boisterous bulldog hell-bent on making studying almost impossible for his owner, and a Jack Russell who loves fraternising with city barristers. Svenson Barristers director Anna Svenson brings her Jack Russell, Hank,

Frankie’s post-lockdown play

By Micaela Togher Frankie, who lives with Biagio in his West Melbourne home, is relishing her newfound freedom in sunny Flagstaff Gardens. “She loves walking, she goes for as long as I’m able to take her,” Biagio said, who adopted Frankie four years ago. Biagio is recuperating from a recent surgery that left him with

Bertie the “buffoon”

By Katie Johnson Eight-year-old Bertie is “chubby, gorgeous and a mummy’s boy” according to his owner Helen.  Named after the P.G. Wodehouse character Bertie Wooster, the rambunctious French bulldog lives up to his literary reputation of being a lovable goofball.    “The character is a bit of a buffoon, so I thought the name was

A match made in heaven

By Tamara Clark Two-and-a-half-year-old spoodle Charlie loves to play tug of war with his owner, Caitlyn. The pair are a “match made in heaven”, she told CBD News last month. They get along fantastically well because both of them are both big time explorers.  While Melbourne has always been home to Charlie, it hasn’t been

Keen to get back home

Will is waiting for his girlfriend outside the food store in Russell St and Hatchi is getting restless. The couple has driven in from Newport to do their grocery shopping. Will is working from home and Hatchi is getting more than one walk a day. So, the lively Japanese Spitz should be grateful. The lockdown

Bruno’s a fan of Flagstaff

By Tamara Clark Nine-month-old Cavoodle Bruno’s favourite hangout is right here in the CBD, according to his owner Yui.  While he doesn’t frequent a wide range of parks, Flagstaff Gardens is definitely one of his top picks. Yiu told CBD News that the duo enjoyed strolling through the park twice a day Bruno is Yui’s

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