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A multilingual dog

A multilingual dog

By Spencer Fowler Steen Meet Max, the multilingual golden retriever who many city workers know well.  Karen Zhou, who works locally at ANZ, has been minding Max, seven, for the past half-year while his owner is away in China. She walks him every day at Flagstaff Gardens where city workers nearby know him by name

Shy fashion model

By Rhonda Dredge Stevie is a shy whippet more at home snuggling into a couch than living in the limelight as a model. But in the last month she has been on the Today show and in the Herald Sun modelling a skivvy. She prefers a fashionable black when she’s at an art opening but

Italian for kisses

On a cold winter’s morning, CBD resident Roger Hersey is taking his two dogs Baci and Enzo on a walk through Flagstaff Gardens. Baci is Italian for “kisses”, he is the eldest of the two at 15 years, his younger brother Enzo is 13.  The two brothers are similar in size and share a similar

Melbourne’s happiest kids

By Rowan Webb  Most of us dread our Mondays, but for Melbourne’s happiest kids it’s another chance to explore the city. The young fur-children of Julia Fox, Tuppence and Nicol, can often be seen darting across the city’s parks in search of their next adventure.  With Tuppence being two years old and Nicol only 11

A very strong Chihuahua

By Kevin Jingga Jessica encountered her four-year-old pet Chihuahua Adriana by chance but once they met, she determined to do all she could to save her. The dog was obviously suffering terribly from a huge stomach hernia and the pet shop refused to pay for an operation. “When I met her, I do not want

He’s a big boy!

He’s a big boy By Niccola Anthony Named after the Argentinian revolutionary leader, Che Guevara is a five-year-old Great Dane Bullmastiff-cross with a spotted coat and bright blue eyes. But don’t be put off by his size or his steely demeanour, because this fierce-looking pup is gentle giant at heart. Che has been living in

That’s amore

By Niccola Anthony Bella the adorable nine-year-old Cavachon – a mix between a Bichon Frise and King Charles Cavalier – lives up to the Italian meaning behind her name. Owners Marni and Luke McNally have lived with Bella in Fitzroy for the past seven years. Originally starting out life with their fur baby in Sale,

Are you gonna be my girl?

By Niccola Anthony Jet, a Melbourne-born-and-bred, nine-year-old black miniature poodle, is a city pup by nature. Not to be confused with the iconic early 2000s Australian band, Jet shares a love of inner city living with her owner, Chris Hughes. Chris and his wife have recently moved to a Queen St apartment, however, they have

Puppy Love

By Niccola Anthony Dexter, a two-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua, has stolen the heart of his older (human) sister Victoria. Victoria, who studies marketing at RMIT and lives in the city away from her family, eagerly awaits every visit from her mum as she knows she’ll also have a chance to cuddle her precious Dexter. While it

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