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Unrivalled inner-city living

Unrivalled inner-city living

By Jack Hayes Nestled impeccably between city and sea, the streets of South Melbourne are set to welcome Lenny – a unique six-level luxury development in the heart of the buzzing South Melbourne. Marketed by Eton Property Group, Lenny will stand at 161 Buckhurst St, an easy walking distance to South Melbourne Market, Bay Street

String Bean Alley opens at QVM

Queen Victoria Market (QVM) has unveiled Melbourne’s newest laneway experience, with String Bean Alley officially opened on July 19.  26 independent traders in bespoke shipping containers now call String Bean Alley home, providing a uniquely Melbourne shopping experience in the heart of the city’s favourite market.  With a history dating back to 1936, the name

City gardens, trees and street trees

By Susan Saunders The City of Melbourne has developed several well thought out policies to progressively ensure our city becomes greener. But can there be a better way to improve the fate of street trees? You may recall that Victoria was referred to as “The Garden State”. In fact, previous Victorian licence plates proudly displayed

Too thick to drink and too thin to plough

By Cheryl Griffin In the early 1970s, when I was a student at La Trobe University, I joined a folk club briefly where I was introduced to a number of modern versions of the traditional Australian folk songs that I’d always loved.  I don’t remember too many of them now, but the song about the

Satisfying a footy-mad town

By David Schout After Terence Port’s parents immigrated to Melbourne from South Africa, their first business move was to set up a stall at Queen Victoria Market (QVM). Combining a love of sport and an entrepreneurial spirit, they opened a shop that catered to Melbourne’s sports-loving public. And now, 39 years on, their presence at

State Library Station breakthrough

Three massive machines – each weighing more than 100 tonnes – have met 30 metres underground, in the first tunnel breakthrough on the Metro Tunnel Project.  The breakthrough occurred under the northern end of Swanston St, near Franklin St, where the new State Library Station is being built.  The road headers – which are 15

Corkman will not be rebuilt

By Rohan Storey The latest news is that Raman Shaqiri and Stefce Kutlesovski, the developers who illegally demolished the 1856 Corkman Irish pub in Carlton, are removing the debris from the site (which contained asbestos), and are disposing it.  They are not keeping any elements, not even the bluestone blocks that formed the window surrounds.

When the press performs well

By Rhonda Dredge Way above the CBD in a lovely little apartment hidden within a hotel on Highlander Lane, two thinkers work on articles for publication in the academic press. Leonie Huddy and Stanley Feldman are political psychologists and they like the quiet of a high-rise location.  But a haven in Melbourne’s CBD does not

One of the mob

By Rhonda Dredge The buildings are grander and more institutional if you approach the CBD from the north. Even the houses on the northern fringe have arched verandas.  These classical forms speak clearly of an early Melbourne that took itself seriously. Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell St was the place you ended up if you

Vertical village voting

By Janette Corcoran Apartment living expert Vertical villagers’ voices might now be better heard, but voting remains vexed.  The key, we are told, to growing our sense of vertical village community lies with our willingness to participate – both inside and outside our residences. Current wisdom holds that we should keep ourselves informed about our

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