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City planning – a view from the top

City planning – a view from the top

I recently managed to catch up with Roz Hansen about her thoughts on the direction of Melbourne’s Central Activity District.  Roz is a highly experienced urban planner and she is chairing the re-convened Plan Melbourne Ministerial Advisory Committee – reporting to the Minister of Planning, Richard Wynne. Her role on the committee started under the

City slicker artists

By Kara Bertoncini Marco and Debra Luccio have been together for 17 years and from the very start both shared the same goal: to be professional artists. Having spent a lot of time overseas, particularly in New York and Paris, Marco and Debra have come to realise how beautiful Melbourne is and how enriched with

Behind every great lord mayor, there’s …

By Shane Scanlan Susan Riley’s remarkable career as deputy lord mayor is a by-product of being driven to succeed. Cr Riley says she never asked for the role but successive lord mayors John So and Robert Doyle have both enlisted her services. She says she never imagined herself in the role nor aspired towards it. 

Practical training for auditors

Local CBD residents participated in an on-site building security audit last month, in a bid to expand the service to more towers. Residents 3000 president John Dall’Amico said the training in Docklands was beneficial for volunteer auditors who would, with additional training  and the continued support of the Victoria Police be able to help CBD-based

Rabble-rouser finds his niche

By Shane Scanlan Cr Stephen Mayne had outgrown the City of Melbourne almost before he got there. With peerless credentials in media, business and politics he has effortlessly grasped the role of capital city councillor and has already left an indelible mark by making the council more publicly accountable. And while there are plenty of

Crime prevention training for residents

Local residents are stepping forward to learn how to keep apartment complexes safe. A group of Residents 3000 members is learning crime prevention through environmental design and hope to soon to be able to conduct building security audits. Group president John Dall’Amico explained that Residents 3000 and Victoria Police were working together to make inner

Will this market oversupply be different?

By Grant Müller Dire warnings of a price correction in the Melbourne CBD apartment market fail to take into account the extraordinary changes in both the developer and buyer profiles. Hocking Stuart director Scott McElroy said the last apartment oversupply in the early 2000s was controlled by local developers and funded by local banks which

Keeping the noise down

With noise providing a constant issue for residents living in apartments in inner Melbourne, Stop Noise director Ron Adams said his company had tapped into a niche market. “It was an idea I had 20 years ago so I started it up and we just started from a small factory and just worked our way

The special skills of business broking

It takes a special combination of skills to sell a business and it would appear that Ahmet Ali, Director of AA Business Brokers has them all. He brings diplomacy and discretion to business deals from his long and successful career as an Australian Diplomat. He understands small business because he’s owned and run a Tattslotto

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