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Al dente at the market

Al dente at the market

By Meg Hill “My favourite part of my job is the compliment you get when you help someone and they walk away with a smile,” said Sharon Brooks, the owner of Queen Victoria Market’s (QVM) Traditional Pasta Shop. “Helping them with a product or a simple thing like telling them how to cook a product

Proposed changes to the Owners’ Corporation Act

As we write, Victorian Parliament is due to debate a draft Bill to amend the Owners’ Corporation (OC) Act 2006. The flammable cladding issue has highlighted a serious shortcoming in the proposed amendments. For several months we have been writing about the huge financial cost to owners caused by flammable cladding, and the slim prospects

“Doing the Block” in Collins St

By Cheryl Griffin, Royal Historical Society of Victoria From the 1860s to the 1930s, Melburnians who wanted to be seen (and admired), donned their finest clothes and headed for that fashionable part of town – Collins St – to take part in a ritual known as “doing the Block.”  This quickly became part of Melbourne’s

Do city kids deserve better?

By Susan Saunders, Residents3000 Vice President A beautiful tree-covered playground in Birrarung Marr has fallen into disrepair. Once a well-designed facility had become tired and un-loved. Mother of two young children, Alison Fairley (a University lecturer in architecture), told me about the playground.    “Being city dwellers, this playground is our back yard. We come

City Square gets a new (temporary) shed

City Square is one of three construction sites for the Metro Tunnel Project’s new Town Hall station.  If you’ve walked past recently, you would’ve seen a large shed now covers much of the site.  The acoustic shed is a temporary structure designed to minimise construction impacts such as noise, dust and light during major construction. 

Your local business network

By Wendi Dawson, Melbourne Business Network Representing all industry sectors, small business plays a key role in the thriving City of Melbourne economy.   While running a small business can be incredibly rewarding, it isn’t without its challenges. Sometimes, business owners and operators are unsure of where to turn to for assistance or need the

From the stock room

By Rhonda Dredge You’re judged in the art world by the decisions you make and Anna Schwartz remembers going down to an artist-run space in Prahran in the early ‘90s.  “When I first started going to Store 5 I was so interested in the artists and what they were doing there,” she said. “They were

When art does all the talking

By Rhonda Dredge Private collectors are shy, hiding behind their artworks, but they do love to make a fuss about the artists in their collection.  Jan van Schaik has 128 works in his small Bourke St apartment and most are squeezed into the hall. He can list the names of all of them and is

The vertical commons

By Janette Corcoran Communal infrastructure brings people together and, by promoting a culture of reciprocity, can reduce waste – but what model might suit our vertical neighbourhoods?  Australians are well used to portrayals of our remote outback towns being self-sufficient. With a stereotypical hands-on approach, we have become used to seeing these communities ban together

Musical safari

By Chris Mineral Drummer and percussionist Ash Davies will showcase his prodigious and ubiquitous skills alongside a great band for his unique Ned Kelly Show this month.  Playing the Word For Word National Non Fiction Festival at Wordi Youang at Geelong Library and Heritage Centre on November 17, this is a brilliant audio/visual show of

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