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Residents connect with local business 

Residents connect with local business 

Residents 3000’s motto is to “Connect, Inform and Support”.  The last regular monthly event was turned into a marketplace where residents were able to connect with some City of Melbourne (CoM) agencies and Melbourne’s wonderful small businesses that contribute a special something to life in the city.  The event, held at the Kelvin Club in

On the nose

The other day I was walking down Bourke St and I was busting to go to the toilet and all I could find was one of those self-washable silver toilet blocks.  I had to wait out the front whilst someone was finishing up. When I finally got my turn, I went in and shut the

Letters – April 2019

Health hazard I would like to bring your attention to the health risk posed by City of Melbourne directing local businesses to use Penfold Place as a rubbish pick up.  The lane way is full of rubbish which is causing major fly infestation as well as cockroaches and mice invading local residences.  There has been

Cosmic Mist

By Chris Mineral Easy Brown’s Chicken Truck Stop Band are a four piece band hailing from Melbourne who should be on the musical horizon of music fans everywhere. They launched their new album Trash at Rocksteady Records, on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth streets, on a bright afternoon on Saturday, February 16.  The track

Caught in tight places

By Rhonda Dredge The CFMEU office is at the centre of Lindsay Tanner’s new novel Comeback as the union tries to sort out a crooked developer with shonky safety practices and traps a taxi driver in its web.  Jack van Duyn is back as the protagonist with a taxi full of troubles and a few

Another side of homelessness

The complex issue of what to do to relieve homelessness in the city is high on Residents 3000 members’ list of concerns.   While most love the vibrant city life there are some aspects that need a continuing community effort to achieve and maintain a high standard of livability for all.  Long-term residents of the

Napier Waller – a great public artist

By David Thompson Few people passing Newspaper House at 247 Collins St notice the colourful mosaic spanning the exterior of the first floor.  It is the work of Napier Waller, a Melbourne artist who is too little known and some of whose major works are on public view around the CBD. This 1933 mosaic portrays

Second road header starts excavating

Construction activity in the CBD is ramping up 30 metres underground as part of Metro Tunnel Project works.  Two road headers are now excavating under the northern end of Swanston St as they start the epic task of constructing the new State Library Station.    Road headers are massive excavating machines fitted with mounted cutter

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