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The women at Manning’s on the concourse at Flinders Street Station

The women at Manning’s on the concourse at Flinders Street Station

By Dr Cheryl Griffin March is Women’s History Month so as I look closely at this photograph, taken in 1948 at Manning’s Chemist on the concourse at Flinders Street Station, I’m thinking about these four young women and wondering what their lives were like in the years following the end of World War Two.  At

The air we breathe

By Janette Corcoran The catastrophic fires this summer brought days of high air pollution to Melbourne and a heightened awareness of the effects of climate change. How are CBD residents to respond? At the time, a friend suggested I use an app called Air Visual. It now sits right next to the weather app on

Meet Mr Smith

By Nick Obst The walk home through Flagstaff Gardens is a highlight of Mr Smith’s day, according to Jenni. At 11 years old, the wirehaired dachshund has slowed down a bit, but Jenni said he still enjoyed getting out.  He’s not particularly boisterous though, and he’s very amenable to being picked up and having a

Taking the “D” out of demolition

By Tristan Davies The City of Melbourne last month voted to adopt two very important guidelines for heritage.  After years of debate, a new system of grading will be finally be implemented on all heritage buildings across the city, with a building now either “contributory” to a heritage precinct or “significant” in its own right. 

The Future of creative Melbourne

By Adrian Doyle – Bender Studios, One of my friends who was recently painting in a local laneway runs an important blog on street art. He’s an interesting artist. The laneway that he was painting in was Flinders Court; it’s that laneway which runs behind Elizabeth St between Flinders St and Flinders Lane. It was

Museum quality work in Flinders Lane

By Rhonda Dredge, When you are an artist, it’s not just a case of getting the job done. It’s the thought that goes into the work that counts because you want a viewer to retrace those steps. In Cassie Leatham’s Echidna Dish the materials include echidna quills, an abalone shell and pipe clay. It’s unlikely

Short-stay abuse despite resident’s VCAT win

Residents in a prestige Melbourne apartment tower report that they are living in fear of abuse and violent threats from out-of-control short-stay guests – despite a VCAT ruling in favour of a resident who complained. In a legal first, VCAT issued consent orders against Melbourne Serviced Apartments Pty Ltd for a string of disturbing short-stay

What’s to come in 2020

By Daniel Wolman – Colliers International The Melbourne CBD middle market performed strongly throughout 2019, continuing its momentum from the preceding year, setting record capital value rates and sharp yields. This momentum is expected to continue in 2020.  Overall, the market performed exceptionally well last year with a total of 15 middle market assets transacted

A slice of Italy in the heart of the CBD

By Jack Hayes – Business Editor Equitable Place is not the name that springs to mind when thinking of Melbourne’s famous lanes and arcades.  It may not have the graffiti-sprawled walls of Hosier Lane or the terrazzo floor of Block Arcade. However, what it lacks in reputation and grandeur, it makes up for with simplicity

NGV Fridays

By Chris Mineral, At the National Gallery Victoria (NGV) on St Kilda Rd, the live music of NGV Friday Nights has a reprise summer season to help celebrate the Keith Haring / Jean Michel Basquiat : Crossing Lines Exhibition.  At the iconic water wall at the front of the gallery there is a magnificent Keith

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