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Our city’s surprise community

Our city’s surprise community

Having lived in the CBD for more than 10 years, Jenny Eltham can confidently say that it is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets.  As the president of CBD-based resident group East Enders Inc., a social forum for residents living in the eastern quadrant of the Hoddle Grid, Jenny continues to play a valuable role

Contrasting commercial projects

In this month’s column we look at a couple of contrasting commercial projects in addition to the City of Melbourne’s plans for a new public square as part of the $250 million Queen Victoria Market renewal project. First up, development partners Perri Projects and Pellicano are proposing a $150 million 21-storey boutique office building next

Vertical village parcel delivery

Mail types and volume have changed but how are our mailrooms coping?  Recent years have seen a rapid decline in the number of letters delivered to our vertical villages, while the amount of sent parcels has soared.  This change is inline with the national shift towards parcel delivery as Australians continue their love affair with

Emotionally attached to the art world

The Flinders Lane Gallery has occupied a special place in the streetscape for 30 years and many collectors have fond memories of coming to openings then going out dining nearby.  Claire Harris has been in the gallery for 20 of those years, greeting collectors, making them feel comfortable, the last 12 as director. “I think

Charles Troedel – a great Melbourne lithographer

Charles Troedel was one of Melbourne’s foremost printers in the latter years of the 19th century.  As a lithographer he was responsible for producing many high-quality images of early Melbourne.  He also employed and mentored several notable artists and developed lithographic techniques which allowed high-quality artworks to be made available to the public at reasonable

Construction update – Town Hall Station

Works to build the new Town Hall Station are ramping up, with major construction underway at all three work sites at the southern end of Swanston St.  Visitors to Federation Square will notice large piling equipment in operation behind the hoarding, as piling works get underway. More than 60 piles will be constructed up to

Melbourne is so lucky

A recent visit to Sydney revealed how lucky Melbourne is to have so much anti-landmark heritage in our CBD. Both cities sadly demolished many incredible heritage buildings in the 60s and 70s, but it can be argued Sydney came out worse off not for what was considered heritage at the time, but all the things

More support for OCs in the new Bill

The long-awaited exposure draft of the Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendments Bill has now been released by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) for public consultation.  The exposure draft can be accessed at Submissions emailed to [email protected] will be accepted until May 10, 2019.  Subject to the satisfactory resolution of any issues raised during the

Keep politics out of it

The CBD News article by Kevin Jingga, refers to the City of Melbourne presenting to major parties issues, of which one is “climate change”.  As we know that label comprises of a bunch of world political issues, which are being fought out with real vigour.  As a resident we do not pay rates for the

Moments of cruelty exposed

By Rhonda Dredge Cruelty to animals will touch the nerve of most readers and Janet Malcolm uses it to great effect in her latest book of essays, Nobody’s Looking at You, just released by CBD company Text Publishing. In a profile of New York fashion designer Eileen Fisher, known for her simple yet elegant styling,

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