Owners Corporation Law articles

Owners’ corporations are a powerful democratic force – if only they knew

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – it is well worthwhile and overdue for an in-depth analysis of owners’ corporations from policy analysts in the government sector on the affordability, sustainability, amenity, privacy and livability of persons living in and communities living together in high-rise towers. We have all seen the cranes

‘Extra’ policies of buy peace of mind for owners

Tom Bacon At every annual general meeting, there will be a standard motion on the agenda to renew the policy of insurance for the owners’ corporation (OC). An owners’ corporation is required by the legislation to hold a minimum of $10 million coverage for acts that involve public liability, as well as replacement and reinstatement

Working from home in high-rise

Australian employers are starting to offer their employees flexible working solutions to enhance productivity and sustain employee engagement by allowing them to work from a home office. At the same time, due to technical innovations and a rapidly-changing marketplace, more and more tech-savvy entrepreneurs are starting businesses using no more than a mobile phone and

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