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State Library Station breakthrough

State Library Station breakthrough

Three massive machines – each weighing more than 100 tonnes – have met 30 metres underground, in the first tunnel breakthrough on the Metro Tunnel Project.  The breakthrough occurred under the northern end of Swanston St, near Franklin St, where the new State Library Station is being built.  The road headers – which are 15

Construction update

Town Hall Station Construction to build the new Town Hall Station is continuing in Melbourne’s CBD, across all three sites.  At Federation Square, piling works will continue around the perimeter of the site until mid-July. Two piling rigs are currently operating at the site, a regular-sized rig drilling piles up to 30 metres deep and

La Trobe St traffic changes

Major works on the Metro Tunnel are underway to support construction of the new State Library Station at the northern end of Swanston St in the CBD. Underground service relocations will commence on La Trobe St, between Elizabeth and Swanston streets, to facilitate the construction of an underground passenger connection that will link Melbourne Central

Second road header starts excavating

Construction activity in the CBD is ramping up 30 metres underground as part of Metro Tunnel Project works.  Two road headers are now excavating under the northern end of Swanston St as they start the epic task of constructing the new State Library Station.    Road headers are massive excavating machines fitted with mounted cutter

Construction update

Metro Tunnel construction continues across Melbourne with works on the new Town Hall and State Library stations making significant progress in recent weeks. A 121-tonne, 15-metre long road header launched 30 metres underneath A’Beckett St late last year. It continues to dig out a pedestrian access passage for the new State Library Station ahead of

Mini tunnel boring machine on show

The first of four tunnel boring machines (TBMs) that will build the Metro Tunnel’s twin 9km rail tunnels is on its way to the Port of Melbourne. It will then be transported to North Melbourne for assembly. Measuring 7.2 metres in diameter, weighing more than 1000 tonnes and 120 metres in length, the first TBM

City Square’s new artwork

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program has unveiled a new art display on the Swanston Street hoarding at the City Square work site. Designed by Melbourne artist Peter Atkins, RAILway is based on the designs of vintage train tickets issued between 1920 and the late 1980s that departed from or arrived into Melbourne. RAILway will remain on display

Town Hall Station starts

Long-term changes to Flinders St to build the Metro Tunnel Work has started on building an entrance to the Metro Tunnel’s new underground Town Hall Station at Federation Square.  Sharing an iconic Melbourne intersection with Flinders Street Station, St Paul’s Cathedral and Young & Jackson Hotel, it will improve access to some of the city’s

Archaeology on display

The public is invited to look at Victoria’s biggest ever archaeology digs courtesy of the Metro Tunnel Project.  Viewing windows have been built into the hoarding on Swanston St near the Young and Jackson Hotel so that passers-by can see the historic digs underway. More than half a million artefacts, some dating back more than

Piling is about to start at City Square

Town Hall Station The next phase of major construction on the Metro Tunnel Project is underway as piling works kick off at Town Hall Station’s City Square site, located on Swanston St. Michele Dix, managing director of London’s Crossrail 2 and one of the UK’s leading public transport infrastructure experts, visited City Square and shared

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