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What else can small businesses do to set themselves up for success?

By Wendi Dawson Several weeks into this pandemic, we all have been impacted by border and school closures, industry shutdowns, social distancing, dramatic loss in revenue, etc. Finally, we are seeing some positive signs.  We are flattening the curve, the economic stimulus packages offered by the state and federal governments have taken shape and the

Business networking during COVID-19

By Wendi Dawson It is certainly unchartered territory right now for businesses with the presence of COVID-19.  While the impacts to everyone’s businesses during this time of uncertainty will be different, clearly, we all need to keep progressing with whatever forward momentum we can. If you or your target market no longer want or are

What could your business achieve if it had a cash injection?

By Wendi Dawson – President of the Melbourne Business Network Alternatively, has your business been impacted by the recent bushfires? There are grants available to assist with both growth and recovery.   In March, the City of Melbourne launches the Small Business Grants for 2020. The program provides financial assistance to support market-ready products and

Welcome to 2020!

By Wendi Dawson – President, Melbourne Business Network There is so much anticipation, expectation and hope at the beginning of each year for upcoming success.   Many of us will start with New Year’s resolutions or goals for what we want to achieve.  Some of us are disciplined enough to update and revise our business

A great time to be in business

By Wendi Dawson, President – Melbourne Business Network With the City of Melbourne’s (CoM) economy is now worth more than $100 billion annually, driven in part by the growing rate of employment in the city’s knowledge sector, it’s certainly a great time to be in business in Melbourne! The Melbourne Business Network (MBN) plays a

Your local business network

By Wendi Dawson, Melbourne Business Network Representing all industry sectors, small business plays a key role in the thriving City of Melbourne economy.   While running a small business can be incredibly rewarding, it isn’t without its challenges. Sometimes, business owners and operators are unsure of where to turn to for assistance or need the

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