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Housing definitions

Dear Editor, I congratulate the News for initiating its series on the role of housing in our society. I missed the first four articles, but have caught up with the last two. Unfortunately, they were sometimes confusing because they used different terminology interchangeably. This lead one contributor to suggest that the government had announced a

Balance for rooftop bars

To whom it may concern, I am a subscriber to CBD News and a CBD resident. I observed your article on January 22 this year, “Loop Bar extension rejected”. You suggested the case also highlighted ambiguities in the city’s rooftop regulations. You also indicated Mr Bunny said the rooftop had been designed to provide acoustic

Opportunism over compassion

The City of Melbourne has seized upon these unprecedented times to take advantage of vulnerable Queen Victoria Market (QVM) traders and customers. By pushing through simultaneous applications to Heritage Victoria (due Wednesday, March 25) and to themselves (due Tuesday, March 24) for planning permits to repurpose QVM into a pedestrianised, commercialised event space with proposed

Letters to the editor – August

Congratulations I would like to congratulate journalist Meg Hill for her article “Beggar déjà vu”. A well-constructed and researched piece which turned over the rocks of the “beggar narratives” that have dogged our community for years and will no doubt continue.  I appreciated Meg’s analysis and deeper delve into the various issues. Thanks for guiding

Keep politics out of it

The CBD News article by Kevin Jingga, refers to the City of Melbourne presenting to major parties issues, of which one is “climate change”.  As we know that label comprises of a bunch of world political issues, which are being fought out with real vigour.  As a resident we do not pay rates for the

Letters – April 2019

Health hazard I would like to bring your attention to the health risk posed by City of Melbourne directing local businesses to use Penfold Place as a rubbish pick up.  The lane way is full of rubbish which is causing major fly infestation as well as cockroaches and mice invading local residences.  There has been

Letters to the Editor – May 2018

Scaremongering I am responding to your somewhat provocative comments in the April edition of CBD News. There have been claims for over a decade of “missing” and “discarded” ballot packs when it comes to Melbourne City Council ballot packs. Yet despite the VEC: Working with CrimeStoppers over two MCC council events to encourage people to

Letters to the Editor – March 2018

Strong objection to pavillion The Queen Victoria Market saga rolls on despite the resignation of the Lord Mayor, who was the driving force behind it.  Melbourne City Council has now applied (to itself!) for permission to amend the proposal for a temporary pavillion to be used during the proposed redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market.

Dead democracy

Recently we have witnessed a massive change to our city and in particular our skyline. Whilst Melbourne is a far more vibrant city than a few years ago, most people are against the increasing “verticality” of the CBD with the current trend towards very closely packed high rise buildings – closer packed that developing cities

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