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City faces new heritage threat

City faces new heritage threat

On September 20, the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee will have yet another choice to make between the speculative needs of apartment developers and the those of this city’s heritage. A fine, and relatively rare 1882 Victorian era factory-workshop at 488 La Trobe St by the notable architect Thomas Watts is destined for demolition

To market to market …

By Adam Ford The Queen Victoria Market was built in 1869 on its present site just north of the Old Melbourne Cemetery. It has been Melbourne’s main fresh produce market ever since.  The market, like much of the 19th century heritage Melbourne treasures today was threatened a number of times in the latter half of the

Red lights in historic red light district

Last drinks have been called at the Elms Family Hotel, the distinctive red brick pub which has stood at the corner of Spring and Little Lonsdale streets since 1925. The site’s owners, super firm ISPT, have plans for an office block which would reduce the building to a mere facade, with a ten-storey office block

Melbourne’s heritage – Saved or not?

Last edition, we looked at eight unprotected heritage buildings in the CBD/Southbank threatened by apartment developments. And the most common response we’ve had to that has been “in this day and age, how is it possible Melbourne is still knocking over its 19th century heritage?” Heritage protection in Melbourne had a fitful start. The destruction

Towers threaten unprotected Melbourne heritage

There’s no denying the scale of the change the current generation of apartment towers are bringing to Melbourne’s CBD.   And when change happens this quickly, our planning laws can struggle to keep pace.  As new development sites dry up, our heritage buildings are coming under increasing threat. Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) has identified over

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