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Nicholas Building on the market

Nicholas Building on the market

By Tristan Davies – President, Melbourne Heritage Action You may have heard the recent news of the Nicholas Building on Flinders Lane going up for international sale for the first time in 48 years. The Nicholas Building is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, the state’s highest level of protection, meaning both inside and out

The definition of heritage, and why it matters

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action Discussions surrounding definitions of heritage have progressed massively in recent years, with social heritage, as opposed to purely architectural significance, brought to the forefront fantastically by the ongoing Hoddle Grid Heritage Review.  But are we still missing the true value of “social” heritage when the debate remains simply

Centreway Arcade’s lost heritage

By Tristan Davies – President, Melbourne Heritage Action We were saddened and somewhat baffled to see construction hoardings pop up inside the Centreway Arcade in March.  The move signals the removal of unique marble, metal-clad shopfronts with custom door handles and other attention to detail, such as custom light fittings in a film set-like style

Losing more of our heritage

By Tristan Davies In a 1970s era gold-tiled lobby nestled into a 1920s facade on Russell St, you walk past a mysterious red door hiding a theatrette behind, and an old-school letterboard asks you to choose between a clunky lift and faded timber stairs.  You continue up through the building, past a mix of faded

A major heritage gift

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action If you’ve been following heritage news in the CBD for a while now, you may remember a brief moment in 2014 when the Bourke St Target Centre made the news, inspired by our calls to remove its cheap cladding to reveal one of Melbourne’s longest hidden heritage gems.

A review of heritage during the past council term

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action With City of Melbourne council elections taking place at the time of writing, it’s time to have a look at the past term of heritage, and what to look for in the next council term. The past four years have seen significant action on heritage protection in the

What could be more Melbourne?

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action A modest pedestrian arcade in one of the “little” streets, with a semi-secret entrance into the ornate Royal Arcade lined by affordable, no frills multicultural food and a decades-old family shoe repair business, next to an iconic little laneway bar making use of the tiny alcove serving local

Advancing heritage in the CBD

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action The recent approval of the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review by the City of Melbourne is major step forward for heritage protection in our city.  It validates one of Melbourne Heritage Action’s (MHA) core reasons for forming and lobbying for more than a decade, providing a comprehensive review of

Celebrating new heritage controls

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action There was some great news for heritage this month, with Amendment C258 finally approved by the Minister of Planning Richard Wynne.  This amendment updates heritage guidlines for the first time in over 20 years, replacing a very vague system that has led to massivly inappropriate developments on heritage

Save Campbell Arcade

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action With tunneling continuing unabated on the Metro Tunnel, Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) is concerned that plans for demolition in one of the city’s most significant arcades are still not publicly available, or seemingly open to any scrutiny or objection. It has seemed obvious from the start of community

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