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Corkman will not be rebuilt

Corkman will not be rebuilt

By Rohan Storey The latest news is that Raman Shaqiri and Stefce Kutlesovski, the developers who illegally demolished the 1856 Corkman Irish pub in Carlton, are removing the debris from the site (which contained asbestos), and are disposing it.  They are not keeping any elements, not even the bluestone blocks that formed the window surrounds.

Testing our resolve

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action A development currently advertised for 7 Hosier Lane, which seeks to plonk serviced apartments on top of a building with a heritage facade in one of our key laneways, should be seen not only as a heritage issue, but as a litmus test for the kind of city

Melbourne is so lucky

A recent visit to Sydney revealed how lucky Melbourne is to have so much anti-landmark heritage in our CBD. Both cities sadly demolished many incredible heritage buildings in the 60s and 70s, but it can be argued Sydney came out worse off not for what was considered heritage at the time, but all the things

Yarra Building is self-evidently vital

Earlier last month Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) sent in an objection to the demolition of part of Federation Square for an Apple store, which we see as having little justification now that the square is heritage listed. We submitted that it was architecturally self-evident that the Yarra Building is vital to the integrity of Federation

Ever heard of the Cathedral Room?

Next to the wonderful, spectacular Gothic Bank on Collins St there’s a side entry up a few stairs. During business hours if you wander in and head down the back you’ll find an amazing, empty, Gothic-style hall, complete with groin vaults and a stained-glass window.  The aptly named Cathedral Room has been connected to the

Precinct  under threat

By Rohan Storey The Little Bourke / Hardware Lane precinct has developed as one of the most lively and busy areas of the CBD, an oasis of low pedestrian scale, historic buildings, that has become an attractive location for cafes, bars, shops, businesses and homes.  You would think that there would be controls in place

Study adoption huge win for heritage

By Tristan Davies After almost a decade of heritage groups calling for a comprehensive review of heritage in the CBD, council voted last month to put forward the first part of its Hoddle Grid Heritage Review, which will see more than 64 new heritage listings recommended to the Minister of Planning. With the last major

Heritage gaps on the radar

By Tristan Davies Across the city, gaps in heritage studies have seen a number of character-filled and historic buildings face the wrecking ball. Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) recently lodged objections to the demolition of The Theosophical building on Russell St, which has also been home to Lewis Music, one of the city’s oldest small businesses,

Restoration of a sign of the times

By Tristan Davies Readers may have recently noticed scaffolding coming down from the former Herald and Weekly Times building on Flinders St, completing months of paintstaking restoration on one of our most iconic heritage buildings. Melbourne Heritage Action was lucky enough to be given an exclusive insight by the team at Ivy Constructions into how

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