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Shopping with a difference

By Laura Timberlake Melbourne offers some of best shopping spots in Australia. Sometimes the department stores and shopping centres can get a little bit boring, though. There are a variety of stores, events and services in Melbourne that offer an alternative to hitting the department stores. They are kinder ways to shop – both on

How to shop online

Laura Timberlake Online shopping has opened a new world for Australia. It’s easier to get excellent quality clothes at bargain prices – and half the time the international post arrives before the Australian packages do! Some people in Australia still view online shopping with distrust. After all, what do you do if you don’t like

Swimwear galore

By Laura Timberlake Swimsuits are possibly the worst item of clothing to shop for. Unless you have the perfect body, the experience can often be harrowing and uncomfortable.The stores always seem to have harsh fluorescent lighting that accentuate any flaws and hide the flattering aspects that a pair of bathers might have. But it shouldn’t

The key looks for S/S 14/15

By Laura Timberlake Spring/summer is one of the greatest seasons to shop for. The increasingly-nice weather puts everyone in a good mood, and the holiday season looms just around the corner.  So, what are some of the key silhouettes to keep an eye out for this year? A new, easy casual look this year is

New spin on old-world tailoring

Visit Oscar Hunt in Hardware Lane to discover the fascinating craft that is made-to-measure suiting. Melbourne is no stranger to hidden gems in lane-ways, forming the intricate vessels that negotiate the heart of our vibrant CBD. It’s a perennial Melburnian tradition. From long-forgotten markets of the 18th century, to cloth suppliers of the city’s famed rag

Fashion on the track

By Laura Timberlake Spring is in the air and it’s time to get ready for the racing carnival. Melbourne has a unique love of racing fashion, to the point where international tourists wonder why on earth anyone would have a public holiday to celebrate a race. To some, it’s all about the hats. Others prefer

Thrifty shopping in the city

By Laura Timberlake Melbourne CBD is teeming with incredible hidden shopping spots. Two of the best are actually across the road from the biggest department stores in the city! The Royal Arcade in Melbourne is worth a visit in itself to see its historical charm and the variety of boutiques it offers. But if you

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